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  • The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pit

    Cove Fire Pit

    The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pits are some of the best-selling fire pits sold by Spotix – and for good reason! Reliable performance, simple design, and easy setup combine to create a great fire feature for any home. Think you'd like to join the ranks of happy Cove owners? Learn more about this fantastic fire feature here in our helpful guide.

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  • What Napoleon Fire Table is Best for You?


    Fire tables are relatively simple in design, but the sheer number of brands and styles on the market can be confusing for potential buyers. Few manufacturers strike the balance between premium design and affordability as well as Napoleon, so we've put together this guide detailing Napoleon's most popular fire tables.

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  • Warming Trends Crossfire Burners Review

    Warming Trends Header Image

    Crossfire Burners are easily some of the most highly engineered fire pit burners in the entire industry—with a price tag to match. However, if you don't mind the upfront cost, a Crossfire burner may pay for itself in the long term thanks to its durable brass construction and lifetime warranty. Warming Trends can easily customize burners as well, making it easier to create a unique fire pit from scratch or retrofit an already–existing fire pit enclosure.

    We carry nothing but the best fire pit burners at Any burner on our site will be objectively better than the units you'll find at your local big box store. If you want the "best of the best", however, then the answer is clear: Warming Trends Crossfire Burners.

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  • How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    Many of us are familiar with wood burning fire pits, whether you’ve got a permanent masonry fire pit stoned into a patio or a mobile metal fire pit - building a fire to gather your friends and family is something we all enjoy.

    However, many urban developments are restricting the use of wood fire pits for safety reasons. Beyond that, wood fire pits require a lot of extra hassle - having wood available to burn can be an issue, if you do keep wood on hand and store it outdoors I often find it’s wet and hard to get a fire started. Once you’ve your fire burning you also have to deal with smoke - it's always frustrating when the smoke burns directly into you or your guests’ faces, and once you’re finished you’ll smell like a campfire for the rest of the day.

    For these and other reasons, gas fire pits have become the new go-to for restaurants, hotels, and backyards alike. Gas fire pits are easy to ignite, safe to burn in nearly any residential area, and honestly are not that hard to install with the right know-how and the help of a qualified installer - especially if you’ve already got a wood fire pit installed.

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  • How to Protect Your Fire Pit from Rain


    Has rain put a damper on your fire pit use?

    Fall can bring heavy rainstorms depending on where you’re located in the country. Unfortunately, without the summer heat to evaporate the moisture, you may find your fire pit area to be a damp mess the next time you go to use it. While there’s not much you can do to prevent a muddy sitting area, here are some tips to ensure your fire pit components last longer in wet conditions.

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  • Firegear "Burning Spur" Review

    Firegear Patio

    Firegear’s new product line brings with it a completely new burner unlike anything else offered at Fire Pits Direct—the “Burning Spur” design. Is this burner worth your consideration? Let us help you decide!


    Firegear’s burning spur design features spokes radiating from a central hub. This design offers more than just an interesting aesthetic—it allows the burner to duplicate the appearance of a wood-burning fire. If you’re looking for a natural campfire appearance for your fire pit, the burning spur makes a great option.

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  • An Introduction to Firegear

    Firegear Logo

    The full line of Firegear products are now available online at With this new line comes outdoor fireplaces, fire tables, burner systems, and a variety of other accessories to help make sure the best room in your house isn’t in your house at all!


    Firegear products may be new to Spotix, but they’re no stranger to the market. Since 2013, Firegear has been owned by Skytech, manufacturers of some of the indoor hearth industry’s most popular and most trusted valve kits, remote control systems, and related accessories. Skytech’s knowledge of indoor fireplace products has translated well to Firegear’s product lines, making Firegear a leader in the outdoor hearth industry.

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  • Fire Glass Calculator

    How Much Fire Glass Do You Need?

    Use our handy fire glass calculator to figure out just how much fire glass you'll need to fill your fire pit - for reference, our standard 10 pound bags of glass are approximately the size of a gallon of milk.

    4 Sided Fire Pit Glass Calculator
    Fire Pit Length:
    Fire Pit Width:
    Glass Depth (2" to 4"):
    Pounds Needed:
    Round Fire Pit Glass Calculator
    Glass Depth (2" to 4"):
    Pounds Needed:

  • Do I Need a Regulator for My Gas Fire Pit?

    I'm planning my own backyard gas fire pit, do I need a regulator?

    So, you’re looking to build your own DIY gas fire pit but aren’t sure about some of the more technical aspects - don't worry! When it comes to gas and custom projects, it’s best to ask the experts before you plan anything.

    One of the most common questions we get, from DIYers and gas plumbers alike, is if they need a regulator for their fire pit kit. It’s a tough question to answer because gas projects can vary based on a lot of factors.

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  • Index of Gas Plumbing Terms

    Do you know your plumbing terms?

    Sometimes gas plumbing can be confusing. Don't worry, you are not alone. We understand that terminology can quickly overwhelm people when it comes to building your own fire pit. Because of this, we have put together a Gas Plumbing Terminology Guide.

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