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  • How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    Reasons to Convert to a Gas Fire Pit

    Wood fire pits may be simple to install, but they’re not always the best option for those looking to install a fire pit at their home. Many urban developments restrict the use of wood fire pits due to safety concerns (an uncontrolled fire can spread dangerously). Beyond that, wood fire pits require the extra hassle of always having wood on hand to burn. This requires extra storage space, and because the wood is often stored outdoors, you’ll often find it’s wet and difficult to start a fire.

    There’s also the issue of smoke. Though nothing smells more like fall than a nice campfire, you don’t necessarily want to smell like one all day—which is exactly what will happen if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction as you burn.

    Advantages of Gas Fire Pits

    Gas fire pits don’t have the same challenges as wood fire pits. These kits are safe, easy to ignite, and simple to install with the right knowledge beforehand. You’ll also be able to ditch the wood pile, and you and your guests won’t smell like smoke the next time you decide to gather around the fire pit at night! These are some of the biggest reasons gas fire pits have become the new go-to installation for restaurants, hotels, and backyards alike.

    Many wood fire pits are bought as pre-configured paver stone kits from big box stores. These make an excellent starting point for a gas fire pit. If you already have a wood fire pit installed, it only takes a few steps to convert to gas.

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  • How to Clean Fire Glass in Your Fireplace or Fire Pit

    How to Clean Fire Glass

    An Impressive Man-Made Option for Your Fire Pit

    If you’re looking for an impressive contemporary appearance for your fire pit, fire glass makes a perfect media option. This manufactured glass has been treated to withstand the high temperatures found in your fire place or fire pit. This special tempering process means your glass won’t burn, ash, crack, or pop when used, resulting in a product capable of lasting indefinitely—even with frequent use.

    Beautiful and Functional

    Fire glass does more than just enhance the appearance of your fire feature—it performs an essential role! Without media like fire glass or lava rock, a gas fire feature is too efficient. The result is an unimpressive, diminished flame. When fire media is added, gas must make its way between your lava stones or fire glass, resulting in a full, impressive flame.

    Fire Glass Image

    Fire Glass Maintenance

    Although fire glass is relatively hassle-free, you may start to notice it can become dirty over time. Fortunately, the process for cleaning fire glass is simple and straightforward, allowing you to keep your glass looking new for many years.

    How to Clean Fire Glass

    Step 1: Prepare your fire pit.

    Shut down the gas supply for your fire pit or fireplace. You’ll also want to make sure you give your glass plenty of time to cool if you’ve used it recently. (Yes, we have to say it. You know how people are sometimes.)

    Step 2: Remove the existing fire glass from the fire feature

    Do you have a bucket handy? If so, it will make this process much easier. Scoop out the glass and drop it in the bucket.

    Step 3: Wash your glass

    Fill your bucket with warm, soapy water. You don’t need any special cleaning product—dish soap will work just fine! Stir the soapy, watery, glassy mixture using the scrub brush of your choice. A toilet brush works well for this task. (We recommend a previously unused brush, of course.)

    Note: If you’re using an alcohol or chemical-based cleaner, you’ll want to give your glass a thorough rinse to ensure all flammable substances have been removed.

    Step 4: Dry the glass

    Drain your water. Lay down towels or newspaper and spread your clean and shiny fire glass evenly. Allow the glass to sit until completely dry.

    Note: If your glass is still damp when returned to your fire feature, you may experience popping. This is the result of water boiling off the glass. While this is temporary, it’s easier just to let all glass dry completely before use.

    Step 5: Return the fire glass to the fire feature

    Now that you’ve removed the build-up from your glass, it’s as good as new! Add the fire glass back to your fire pit or fireplace and enjoy your beautiful investment until the next time it needs a quick bath.

    Have Any Other Questions About Fire Glass?

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about our fire glass, check out our helpful fire glass buying guide. You can also give us a call at 877-374-6777 and a helpful member of our team can answer any remaining questions you may have!

  • What Makes HPC's Hi/Low Electronic Ignition Kits a Great Choice for Your Gas Fire Pit?

    HPC's Premium Electronic Ignition Systems Have Returned


    Hearth Products Controls is back again with the impressive new electronic hot surface ignition fire pit kits. The unique high-low kits are the culmination of imaginative design, research, and testing, and they’re now available for you at Just what makes these fire pit kits some of the most impressive systems on the market? See for yourself with this in-depth look at HPC’s newest creations.

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  • AWEIS Electronic Ignition System Facts and Features

    AWEIS System


    Electronic ignition systems offer an added level of convenience when using an outdoor gas fire pit. With the push of a button—possibly even through remote control—you can control the flames of your fire feature and significantly add to the ambiance of your outdoor area. Among electronic ignition systems, the All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) from Fire by Design stands as one of the best. Featuring innovative design and a rigorous testing process, these systems are worthy of consideration for anyone who wants to upgrade their fire pit.
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  • How to Build A Fire Pit Kit with a Propane Tank

    Designing a Propane Fire Pit

    Propane gas fire pits are becoming more common in residential settings given their convenient design. However, running new gas lines can be prohibitively expensive and requires professional installers to ensure a satisfactory outcome. For this reason, many consumers choose to fuel their fire pits using a standard propane tank.

    At Spotix, we’re often asked how long a propane tank will fuel a typical backyard fire pit. This answer will vary based on the size of your tank as well as the BTU rating of the fire pit burner. To calculate approximate burn times for yourself, we’ve put together this helpful guide. Consider grills as a point of reference, as these calculations will work for propane grills as well.

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  • An Overview of HPC Electronic (EI) Gas Fire Pit Inserts

    Electronic ignition systems present a premium upgrade option for all gas fire pit projects – from the DIY backyard gas fire pit to commercial restaurant and hotel projects. Instead of dealing with matches or lighters, you control the flames at the flick of a switch or the push of a button. If you’re looking for simplicity and quality, electronic ignition fire pit systems offer the best option for your project. Continue reading

  • The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pit

    Cove Fire Pit

    The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pits are some of the best-selling fire pits sold by Spotix – and for good reason! Reliable performance, simple design, and easy setup combine to create a great fire feature for any home. Think you'd like to join the ranks of happy Cove owners? Learn more about this fantastic fire feature here in our helpful guide.

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  • What Napoleon Fire Table is Best for You?


    Fire tables are relatively simple in design, but the sheer number of brands and styles on the market can be confusing for potential buyers. Few manufacturers strike the balance between premium design and affordability as well as Napoleon, so we've put together this guide detailing Napoleon's most popular fire tables.

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  • Warming Trends Crossfire Burners Review

    Warming Trends Header Image

    Crossfire Burners are easily some of the most highly engineered fire pit burners in the entire industry—with a price tag to match. However, if you don't mind the upfront cost, a Crossfire burner may pay for itself in the long term thanks to its durable brass construction and lifetime warranty. Warming Trends can easily customize burners as well, making it easier to create a unique fire pit from scratch or retrofit an already–existing fire pit enclosure.

    We carry nothing but the best fire pit burners at Any burner on our site will be objectively better than the units you'll find at your local big box store. If you want the "best of the best", however, then the answer is clear: Warming Trends Crossfire Burners.

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  • How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas

    Many of us are familiar with wood burning fire pits, whether you’ve got a permanent masonry fire pit stoned into a patio or a mobile metal fire pit - building a fire to gather your friends and family is something we all enjoy.

    However, many urban developments are restricting the use of wood fire pits for safety reasons. Beyond that, wood fire pits require a lot of extra hassle - having wood available to burn can be an issue, if you do keep wood on hand and store it outdoors I often find it’s wet and hard to get a fire started. Once you’ve your fire burning you also have to deal with smoke - it's always frustrating when the smoke burns directly into you or your guests’ faces, and once you’re finished you’ll smell like a campfire for the rest of the day.

    For these and other reasons, gas fire pits have become the new go-to for restaurants, hotels, and backyards alike. Gas fire pits are easy to ignite, safe to burn in nearly any residential area, and honestly are not that hard to install with the right know-how and the help of a qualified installer - especially if you’ve already got a wood fire pit installed.

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