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  1. How to Plan Your Gas Fire Pit Project

    How to Design a Gas Fire Pit, Part One: How to Plan Your Project

    A little pre-planning goes a long way in ensuring your gas fire pit installation goes smoothly. After all, there’s more to installing a fire pit than buying parts, connecting a fuel source, and kicking back to relax. In fact, nearly all the fire pit issues we help troubleshoot on a daily basis could have been avoided had proper considerations been taken before installation began.

  2. Virtual Fire Pit Backgrounds for Your Video Chat

    Virtual Fire Pit Backgrounds for Your Video Chat

    Now that virtual gatherings have become the norm, there’s no telling where you’ll ‘meet up’ with a coworker or family member on a video chat—on a white sand beach, on the set of your favorite movie or TV show, even inside a tiger cage with Joe Exotic.

  3. The Best Patio Heaters, Fire Pits, and Fire Tables to Extend Your Outdoor Season

    The Best Patio Heaters, Fire Pits, and Fire Tables to Extend Your Outdoor Season

    Temperatures are turning cooler, but that doesn’t mean it has to mark the end of enjoying your outdoor barbecues, parties, and socially distanced get-togethers. With the right heater, fire table, or fire pit, you can enjoy safe, outdoor time with your friends and family well into the fall and winter.

  4. 5 Reasons to Relax Around a Fire Table at the End of the Day

    5 Reasons to Relax Around a Fire Table at the End of the Day

    Dreading the season when the days are shorter and the temperature drops? Consider adding a fire table to your outdoor space. 

    Since early spring, the outdoors has been a much-needed escape from the stresses of the pandemic. It’s also provided a space for friends and family to visit safely from a distance.

  5. How Long Do Gas Fire Pits Last?

    Get the Most Out of Your Investment

    A fire pit will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. While stainless steel burners and components are likely to last a lifetime, brass burners can survive even longer than that! Though these products are built to last and designed specifically for outdoor use, there are still some extra steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your fire pit. Here are some of our tips.

  6. The Best Materials for Patio Furniture

    Quality You Can See and Feel

    Buying well-manufactured patio furniture is important unless you want to be replacing products every couple of years. With that said, it’s not always easy to determine what your best choice may be.

  7. How to Clean Your Patio Furniture

    How to Clean Your Patio Furniture

    If you’ve invested money in a quality patio furniture set, the last thing you want to do is let that money go to waste by not maintaining your products properly. Although this furniture is built to withstand the elements, the key to keeping it looking nice is cleaning your products regularly.

  8. How Do You Light a Gas Fire Pit?

    How Do You Light a Gas Fire Pit?

    Building a fire pit doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking. With a little planning and preparation, you’re sure to create an awesome outdoor space for you, your friends, and your family.

  9. Five Ways a Fire Pit Increases Home Value

    Will a Fire Pit Increase My Home’s Value?

    A gas fire pit installation is a relatively small project capable of completely transforming your outdoor space, which is why we’re often asked, “Does a fire pit increase my home’s value?” We’re happy to say, yes, a fire pit can definitely increase the value of your home—in more ways than one!.

  10. How to Buy Fire Glass

    How to buy Fire Glass

    By the time you've planned your fire pit and chosen your components, you’ve already done most of the difficult work. That’s why many consider buying fire glass to be one of the most fun parts of their fire pit project. It’s at this stage where you can create a truly unique look for your fire feature.

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