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An Introduction to Firegear

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The full line of Firegear products are now available online at With this new line comes outdoor fireplaces, fire tables, burner systems, and a variety of other accessories to help make sure the best room in your house isn’t in your house at all!


Firegear products may be new to Spotix, but they’re no stranger to the market. Since 2013, Firegear has been owned by Skytech, manufacturers of some of the indoor hearth industry’s most popular and most trusted valve kits, remote control systems, and related accessories. Skytech’s knowledge of indoor fireplace products has translated well to Firegear’s product lines, making Firegear a leader in the outdoor hearth industry.

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Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Tables Burner Systems Additional Products Summary

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Products Available:

Outdoor Fireplaces

Firegear currently offers three different base models of outdoor fireplace: The Kalea Bay, the OD42, and the Key West. Each of these models feature customizable configurations to fit your space.

Kalea Bay Fireplace

Kalea Bay


  • Available in four opening widths: 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.
  • TFS (Thermocouple Flame Sense) battery-operated electronic ignition.
  • Can be wired to a variety of timers and wall switches. Can also be wired to a home automation system.
  • Tested and approved to Underwriters Laboratories standards (UL Listed)

Summary The Kalea Bay series of outdoor linear fireplaces make an excellent focal point in any outdoor space. With clean lines, a contemporary design, and no need for a chimney or venting, these fireplaces can be used in a wide variety of installations. These units can also be converted from a traditional one-sided design to a see-through model by simply removing the back panel.

Looking for even more convenience? Look no further. An included On/Off/High/Low remote gives you flame control at the push of a button. Even better, these fireplaces can be wired to a variety of Skytech timers and switches, including the AF-4000HAT Home/Pool automation transmitter system.

Shop Kalea Bay 36-inch Fireplaces >>

OD42 Fireplace



  • Features a 42-inch firebox and 30-inch burner.
  • Battery-operated On/Off electronic ignition with safety valve.
  • Available with a 2-inch or 4-inch brushed stainless steel trim faceplate.
  • Includes weather cover for extra protection when not in use.

Summary The OD42 offers an attractive, simple to use gas fireplace for your patio. Like the rest of Firegear’s outdoor fireplaces, this one features a contemporary design perfect for a modern outdoor entertaining space.

What makes the OD42 great are its intelligent design features for less-than-perfect nights on the patio. An integrated tempered glass windshield protects your flames in blustery conditions, ensuring your fireplace always looks great. Dealing with inclement weather often? Not a problem. An included weather cover helps protect your fireplace when not in use.

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Key West Fireplace

Key West


  • Available with a 42-inch or 81.5-inch viewing window.
  • TFS (Thermocouple Flame Sense) battery-operated electronic ignition.
  • Can be wired to a variety of timers and wall switches. Can also be wired to a home automation system.
  • Simple to install, ready-to-finish enclosure.

Summary The Key West See-Through fireplace offers an incredibly simple way to completely transform the look of your patio. These ready-to-finish kits offer maximum visual impact with minimal installation effort. With labeled and pre-drilled parts, you’ll save time assembling your fireplace so you can start enjoying it sooner.

These units also feature Firegear’s Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) Ignition System, allowing safe shut-off and automatic reignition in the event of a lost flame. You’ll also have On/Off/High/Low control with the included RCAF-3 remote. Would you rather wire this unit to a wall switch or home automation system? Go for it. Optional units—like Firegear’s AF-4000HAT—offer hassle-free integration with this fireplace.

Shop Key West 42-inch See-Thru Fireplaces >>

Firegear Table

Fire Tables

A fire table offers an easy way to add a fire feature to your patio without the need for a large fireplace unit. Firegear offers several options to choose from.

Key West Bistro Table

Key West Bistro Table


  • Available with Iron Grey or Stainless Steel table top.
  • Operates on a 20-pound propane tank with tank storage in its base.
  • Match light ignition with safety valve.
  • Includes dining leaf insert.

Summary The Key West Bistro Table makes an excellent choice for consumers with small patios who still want the ambiance of a premium fire feature. This chat height table creates a subtle—but still impressive—fire on your patio. For convenience, this unit has been designed to operate on propane (and even includes tank storage), but can be converted to natural gas using Firegear’s specially designed conversion kit (sold separately).

One of the most understated features of this fire table is its included dining leaf. This insert matches the color of your table top and allows the entire surface area of the table to be used—great if you find yourself short on space at some point.

Shop Key West Bistro Tables >>

Key West Coffee Table

Key West Coffee Table


  • Available with Stainless Steel or Sunset Bronze table top.
  • Operates on an 11-pound propane tank with tank storage in its base.
  • Batter-operated electronic ignition system with safety valve.
  • Includes dining leaf insert.

Summary Like its little brother, the Key West Coffee Table makes an excellent choice for shoppers who want to add a functional fire feature to their outdoor space. This table serves as a great centerpiece among your patio furniture. With its battery-operated electronic ignition and safety valve, this fire table offers simple and safe operation.

Like the Key West Bistro Table, the Key West Coffee Table features a dining leaf insert to cover the burner when not in use. The 48-inch length of this table means all its extra space really adds up, giving you all the quality of a traditional premium coffee table with the added benefit of a beautiful fire feature.

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Firegear Fire Pit

Burner Systems

Perhaps most notable among Firegear’s line of products are its exceptional burner systems. Their Match Throw (MT), Thermocouple Manual Safety (TMS), and Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) offer even more premium choices for Spotix customers looking to complete their DIY backyard fire pit.

Match Throw Fire Pit Kit

Match Throw Systems


  • Simple to operate.
  • Available in burning spur and linear design.
  • Can easily be converted to a manual spark igniter (MSI) kit.
  • Most economical Firegear burner system.

Summary If you want simple but effective, a Firegear Match Throw Ignition Burner System may be just what you’re looking for. Turn on the gas, light a match, and enjoy your fire pit—it’s as easy as that. Simplicity also brings reliability when it comes to fire pits. Since there are no electronic components and very few “moving parts” to speak of, it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself with a broken fire pit (assuming you’ve installed everything correctly, that is).

If you’d like to add a bit of automation to your fire pit, check out Firegear’s Manal Spark Ignition Kit. You’ll have flame control right at your fingertips with the push of a button—and you won’t need to track down a lighter or matches!

Shop MT Systems >>

Thermocouple Manual Safety Fire Pit Kit

Thermocouple Manual Safety


  • Still offers the simple operation of a standard match light kit.
  • Available in burning spur or linear design.
  • Offers added safety in the form of a thermocouple safety valve.
  • Can be upgraded to a spark ignition system with ease.

Summary Firegear’s Thermocouple Manual Safety Ignition System offers the simplicity of a Match Throw system with the added piece of mind offered by a safety valve. With its thermocouple safety valve, this fire pit can kill gas flow if it senses a loss of flame. This avoids the potential problems caused by pooling gas—particularly important with a propane system.

Much like the Match Throw fire pits, the Thermocouple Manual Safety fire puts can be upgraded using a Manual Spark Igniter Kit, offering a slight upgrade from manual ignition but without the added cost of a full electronic ignition system.

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Thermocouple Flame Sense Fire Pit Kit

Thermocouple Flame Sense


  • Remote control functionality.
  • Compatible with home and pool automation system using the AF-4000HAT.
  • The fire pit industry’s only battery-operated electronic ignition system.
  • Can be operated by up to three controls at the same time.

Summary If you’re looking for one of the safest and most convenient fire pits on the market, a Thermocouple Flame Sense kit should be near the top of your list. With its battery-operated electronic ignition system, this kit is in a class of its own—there’s truly nothing else like it currently available. This system can also be connected to the AF-4000HAT Home/Pool Automation Transmitter, offering total control over your backyard.

The TFS System can also be connected to the 1332WT, TM-R-AF1TX, FG-WS, or 1001D-AF1TX optional controls for customized control over your fire pit. These fire pits can be connected to up to three transmitters at once.

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Firegear Fire Glass

Additional Products

Fire Media

Fire Glass Fire glass offers a great way to give your fire pit a modern appearance and a touch of color. Firegear currently offers a wide selection of fire glass in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This includes colors and shapes unique to the Firegear line.

Lava Rock If you’re looking for a traditional gas fire pit look, lava rock makes a great media option. Firegear offers both tumbled and natural shapes. All Firegear rock is genuine lava stone for a remarkably impressive look. As an added benefit, lava rock makes the most economical fire media option.

Log Sets Ceramic log sets are a great way to give your fire pit a natural campfire look without the mess of smoke and ash. These premium log sets are built to last and maintain the realistic look of natural wood. Choose from a variety of styles to give your fire pit a custom appearance.


Controls Though other manufacturers offer remote control options for their fire pits, few have the industry experience of Firegear. As previously mentioned, Skytech is an industry leader in indoor hearth products. The transition to outdoor hearth products has been silky smooth, and their outdoor products are just as notable. Whether you’re looking for simple on/off control or something more complex like timer functionality or remote control options, there are a wide variety of switches available if your fire pit is compatible.

Installation Components From vent kits to flexible installation frames, Firegear manufactures all the accessories you need to ensure your fire pit built is as smooth as possible. You can also choose from a variety of lids, covers, and windshields to make sure you get the most out of your fire pit.

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Firegear Fireplace


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Firegear’s extensive product line. For more detailed information, be sure to check out specific product pages as well as individual product reviews. You can also give us a call at 888-977-6849, and our helpful customer service team will be happy to answer your questions about any of the products we offer.

What do you think of the new Firegear line? Leave us a comment below.

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