Gas Fire Pit Troubleshooting

Having issues with your fire pit?

Just like a gas oven or gas heater are gas appliances, a fire pit is also a gas appliance, and therefore proper precautions must be taken in order to ensure safety during installation and use - always be sure to follow the guidelines specified by the manufacturer in the installation & operation instructions. With that being said, many common issues are results of these specifications being overlooked - not the components themselves.

All of our products are very high quality and we stand behind their manufactured quality - they are mechanical components, that is, they don't have moving parts or components that can malfunction - so most issues with the products are a result from improper installation. Check out the common issues in the chart below to see if it can help solve your issue and get your fire pit working properly.

Gas Fire Pit Troubleshooting Chart

Low Flame HeightLow supply pressure low BTU output Improper gas line sizeHave plumber increase gas pressure have plumber increase available BTUPlumber adjust gas line size
Soot Build-UpNot enough oxygen ventilationInclude properly sized air mixer orifice ensures proper ventilation
Whistling NoiseFlex line routing to much gas supplyImproper gas line sizeEnsure flex lines do not have sharp bends have plumber decrease gas supply have plumber adjust gas line size
Fire Pit Won't Stay LitDebris in gas line leaks in the gas linePurge gas line of air, debris. Test all connections, have plumber ensure proper sealing

The Conclusion

There's nothing quite like the comfort felt when sitting around a beautiful flame, enjoying the company of your best friends and family - so make sure your gas fire pit is running properly and safely so that it will provide years and years of joy. Many of the common issues above can be quickly fixed and have simple solutions. As always, if you have further questions or issues with your gas fire pit feel free to give us a call.