Gas Fire Tables are Beautiful and Functional

A gas fire pit table is the perfect centerpiece for an outdoor space. As the name implies, these unique products provide the beauty and warmth of a cozy fire as well as the added functionality of an outdoor table. Even when you’re not using the fire feature during the day, you’ll be able to use your table just as you would any other patio table.

If you’re looking to build your own fire table, the process doesn’t have to be a challenging one. For the most part, the process will be very similar to building a traditional gas fire pit, which we’ve already covered in great detail. Building a fire table takes a bit more planning, though, so here are some extra steps to keep in mind.

Fire Tables Provide Aesthetics and Heat

Before you begin building, it’s important to consider how you’ll be using your fire table most often. Normally, you’ll want to give yourself at least 8”-10” inches of ledge space for drinks or small plates. If you’ll be adding a glass wind guard, this space will be reduced further. In this case, you’ll likely want to extend your ledges out to approximately 10”- 12” inches to maintain your 8”- 10” inch ledge spacing.

With ledge spacing in mind, you should next consider how large you want your center opening to be. For more heat, you’ll want to have a larger center opening in order to accommodate a larger burner. In most cases, the larger the burner, the larger the BTU output. This, in turn, means more heat. Round and square shapes are best for this, but keep in mind your gas supply. If you go too large, you may come up short on fuel supply, resulting in an inadequate flame and poor performance.

If aesthetics are your primary concern rather than heat, consider going with a more contemporary design. This can often be achieved by using a single linear burner with a center “line of fire.” This often looks best in a large rectangular fire pit. While you will sacrifice some of the heat output, you can give yourself more freedom to create an impressive appearance.

Fire Table Cost

A custom fire table can be as simple or as extravagant as your budget allows. A simple match-light fire pit could cost as little as a few hundred dollars if you already have gas lines and paver blocks available. If you need to run new gas lines or you plan on building a premium electronic ignition fire pit, you’ll be looking at increased costs. The size of your fire pit will be another major factor in determining your final cost.

We’ve highlighted some of these considerations in our article, “How Much Does a Gas Fire Pit Cost?” Check out that helpful guide for more in-depth cost estimates and additional considerations.

Fire Table Building Materials

You can get creative building your fire table. Stone, paver blocks, and concrete are just a few of the popular options. We’ve also seen tile and metal fire tables before. All of these can look very impressive when done correctly.

Above all else, just be sure to use only non-combustible materials for your fire table. Wood framing is not allowed due to the heat generated by the burner. Exposure to heat can lower the flash point of wood over time and could potentially turn your fire table into a fire hazard.

Get Started Today

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Product Specialist Alex W. contributed to this article.