HPC’s New App Makes Fire Pit Installation Easier

HPC continues to lead the industry

Think installing a fire feature must be difficult? Think again. Hearth Products Controls has just partnered with the BILT app to help take the guesswork out of fire pit installation. With the new app, using BILT Intelligent Instructions software, HPC is bringing detailed, easy-to-understand instructions to all iOS and Android devices.

What does HPC’s new app offer?

The new app makes product assembly easier by offering full-color 3D renderings of popular products to ensure customers know exactly how to assemble their product. Users can interact with the app at their own speed, making installation a breeze.

The benefits of the app don’t stop after installation. Should a fire feature stop working properly, a full selection of troubleshooting tips for common problems allows for simpler diagnosis and repair by highlighting the tools and parts required to get an HPC unit up and operational as quickly as possible.

The new app also offers a convenient way to ensure warranty protection of a product. Product models, serial numbers, and dates of purchase can all be stored within the app to keep a detailed inventory of HPC items.

How does it work?

Using the BILT+HPC App, simply type in the product name or product type in the search bar to find the desired product. Click a product to bring up a detailed product page highlighting estimated project time, the number of steps in the process, and how many people are needed to perform the task. Product pages also list the tools and parts required to help ensure all necessary components are close by before beginning the process.

What about the current HPC Fire Pits app?

HPC currently offers the HPC Fire Pits app to offer multi-operator access, multiple fire pit control, and self-diagnostics of compatible electronic fire pit kits. This will remain a separate app, so you’ll want to make sure both are on your phone.

Check out the app today

HPC’s new app is live on both the App Store and the Google Play marketplace. Check it out today!

If you’re ready to buy an HPC fire pit, give us a call at 888-977-6849.