Common Questions About Natural Gas Fire Pits

Outdoor natural gas fire pits are popular for a variety of reasons: they’re safe, reliable and gas is readily available if your house is supplied by city lines. Today, we’re answering some of the most common questions we get about natural gas fire pits.

What Fuel Options Are Available for Fire Pits?

When it comes to outdoor fire pits, your fuel options are fairly straightforward. For gas fire pits, you’ll see either propane gas or natural gas used as a fuel source. If you’d rather not use gas, wood fire pits are also common.

Trying to decide the best option for your home or business? Check out our article on wood fire pits versus gas fire pits.

What Design Options Are Available for Natural Gas Fire Pits?

The better question is what kind of design do you want? We have rectangle natural gas fire pits, round natural gas fire pits and square natural gas fire pits. We also have a wide variety of sizes ranging from small, subtle fire pits all the way up to large fire pits designed to be the focal point of your space. When it comes to design styles, you’ll find everything from traditional designs to more contemporary models perfectly suited for modern homes.

There are a lot of customizable options available, and we know it can be confusing to sort through everything on your own. If you need help from an expert, contact us and a member of our team can help guide you through the shopping process.

Do I Need a Pan with a Natural Gas Fire Pit?

Technically, no, you do not need a fire pit pan when using natural gas as a fuel source. However, we recommend always using a pan for the following reasons:

  • A fire pit pan promotes better drainage of water away from fire pit components.
  • Pans make it easier to remove media to service your gas line if necessary.
  • A burner pan allows for professional-looking installation for your burner kit.

Though a pan adds to your initial material costs, nearly all customers find a pan to be a worthwhile investment.

What Else Do I Need to Know When Using Natural Gas?

Natural gas requires a supply pressure between 3.5 inches and 7 inches of water column. BTU requirements will vary depending on the size of your burner kit.

In order to achieve proper gas supply, we recommend working with a professional gas plumber. These experts will have specialized tools and knowledge to ensure your fire pit operates as intended every time you ignite it.

We recommend contacting a gas plumber before buying your fire pit to ensure your installation will meet the specifications necessary for the fire pit or fire pit kit you intend to buy. Failure to meet manufacturer specifications most often results in poor flame performance, an unsatisfactory user experience and potential safety hazards.

One of Our Favorite Natural Gas Fire Pits

Prism Hardscapes Tavola 4

If you’re looking for a premium natural gas fire pit option for your outdoor space, the Prism Hardscapes Tavola 4 makes an excellent choice for nearly any space. The Tavola 4 is also available in a propane configuration and comes in multiple colors and ignition options to meet the needs of your installation.

With its uncomplicated concrete design, the Tavola 4 easily integrates with most outdoor decor. At the same time, the custom handcrafted design of these fire pits ensures each unit is a unique piece due to Prism Hardscapes’ patina finishing process. While the fire pit ships with lava rock, this can be replaced with fire glass (sold separately) for a more contemporary appearance and further personalization.

Inside the fire pit, a 65,000 BTU stainless steel burner delivers a powerful flame for superior beauty, while the stainless steel burner pan offers durability and added quality. A match light ignition comes standard, but this can be upgraded to an electronic ignition system for greater control and convenience—perfect for both commercial applications and residential installations seeking the highest quality available.

Get the Rest of Your Fire Pit Questions Answered

Be sure to check out our blog for more buying guides, product reviews and troubleshooting tips. If you still have questions after that, our product specialists are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the best fire pit for your specific build.