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  1. What is Fire Glass? Fire Glass FAQs

    Fire glass offers a unique product for any�gas fire pit. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes of glass to choose from, this media option offers a great way to personalize your fire pit to match your style or outdoor d�cor. This premium product is more than just a decorative enhancement, however, which is why we�ve put together this guide to answer some of the most common questions we receive about fire glass.
  2. How to Clean Fire Glass in Your Fireplace or Fire Pit

    If you're looking for an impressive contemporary appearance for your fire pit, fire glass makes a perfect media option. This manufactured glass has been treated to withstand the high temperatures found in your fire place or fire pit. This special tempering process means your glass won't burn, ash, crack, or pop when used, resulting in a product capable of lasting indefinitely - even with frequent use.
  3. An Introduction to Firegear

    The full line of Firegear products are now available online at With this new line comes outdoor fireplaces, fire tables, burner systems, and a variety of other accessories to help make sure the best room in your house isn't in your house at all!
  4. Index of Gas Plumbing Terms

    We try to avoid industry jargon wherever possible to make it easier to understand our products and how they work. However, it's sometimes necessary to use technical terminology to convey meaning as accurately as possible. In those scenarios, it can be difficult for some to understand what we're talking about. That's why we've created this guide.
  5. A Buying Guide to the Different Types of Fire Glass

    A more contemporary choice for fire media, fire glass offers a modern decorative media for use with your gas fire pit or fireplace. You can use any style or size fire glass with any approved gas fire feature, so it comes down to which kind you like the best - and there's a lot of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of fire glass.

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