When it comes to choosing the decor for your backyard or other outdoor space, the number of options can sometimes be overwhelming. Do you want a gas fire feature? A fountain? Both? With the recent rise of fire and water bowls, you don't have to pick one or the other. Just one purchase can give you the inviting aura of flame and the elegant charm of a water feature in a single, handsome package.

Opposites Attract

The signature aspect of a fire and water bowl is the fusion of two opposing elements. The light and heat of fire combined with the peaceful sounds of flowing water are sure to add a distinctive appeal to any space. But that's not all!

The other great benefit they offer is their versatility. They can be placed atop columns for a classical look or integrated with a fountain, pool or hot tub for a luxe twist. When used as part of a complete outdoor decor collection, they are certain to be the piece you need to elevate your home experience.

In addition, the variety of silhouettes, materials and finishes available from top fire and water bowl brands ensure that you can find just the right piece to suit your tastes and existing space. 

Popular Fire & Water Bowl Brands

Some of the biggest names in the fire and water bowl game are Fire by Design, Grand Effects and The Outdoor Plus. We've outlined each brand here and included links to some of their most popular items to jumpstart your shopping journey.

Fire by Design

Known for their top-notch engineering and rigorous testing, Fire by Design specializes in making reliable and attractive fire features, and their combination fire and water bowls are no exception. Their designs, like the Tuscany bowl, use an earthy color palette to evoke an Italian villa.

Grand Effects

Grand Effects is based in California and draws on the rich history of the west coast's poolside culture to offer handsome water and fire features in a variety of finishes. One such example is the Corinthian square bowl, which comes in an antiqued copper finish to lend a distinguished air to your patio or pool.

The Outdoor Plus

The designers at The Outdoor Plus provide a clean, modern aesthetic in the company's handmade product lines, and their fire and water features fit the bill. The Cazo bowl exemplifies this design philosophy, featuring a sleek powder-coated finish and handsome silhouette.

Take the Next Step

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