Now that virtual gatherings have become the norm, there’s no telling where you’ll ‘meet up’ with a coworker or family member on a video chat—on a white sand beach, on the set of your favorite movie or TV show, even inside a tiger cage with Joe Exotic.

Video backgrounds are a fun way to make your virtual gatherings more exciting. If you haven’t tried downloading a background, you’re missing out! 

Here’s your chance to showcase your love of the outdoors and transport video attendees to casual evenings by the firepit—back before social distancing was encouraged and before work and school happened from home. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite virtual fire pits so no matter the weather outside or how far away your friends or family live, you can relax by the fire. 

Download your favorite background below! 

Fire Pit Art (Third Rock Fire Pit) 

This background reminds us there’s a whole world to explore outdoors. Inspired by our mostly-blue planet, the Third Rock fire pit by Fire Pit Art highlights the earth’s fiery and mysterious inner core. 

Fire Pit Art’s high-quality burners simply can’t be beaten. The company utilizes the best technology and components, and in this design, they’ve created solid brass Match Lit burners that work well in all environments.  

A virtual gathering around this fire pit will likely inspire deep thought and creative brainstorming sessions. 

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company (Beacon Fire Table)

This fire pit scene is so relaxing you can almost feel the warm lake breeze on your face. With its white onyx top and powder-coated base, the Beacon fire table is a conversation starter and a great focal point for your patio (or video gathering). 

Pour your favorite beverage and watch the flames dance. Whether sipping coffee during your Monday meeting or catching up with friends over virtual drinks on a Friday night, its relaxed ambiance makes the Beacon fire table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company one of our favorite backgrounds.

Prism Hardscapes (Tavola 42 Fire Pit) 

Beneath the tumbled lava rock is a truly one-of-a-kind fire table. Each Tavola 42 fire table is hand-crafted using Prism’s custom patina finishing process, so no two fire tables are exactly the same. 

No matter the size of your gathering, the Tavola 42’s ambient heat will keep everyone warm and cozy. And the great thing about this virtual fire pit? Your guests can each control how hot it gets.   

Warming Trends

We love this fire pit background for multiple reasons. Not only does it perfectly capture the vibe of a backyard get together, sun shining and birds chirping, but it also highlights one of the most unique and innovative gas fire pit burner systems on the market. 

Crossfire by Warming Trends has created an exceptionally high-quality product in their Tree-Style Linear Brass Fire Pit Burner. One of its most distinguishing features is its ability to combine a specific air to gas mixture ratio to produce a taller, brighter flame. 

Even in the afternoon sun, this fire pit has an impressive flame. You can enjoy this virtual fire pit year-round, no matter the weather outside.  

Create Your Own Fire Pit Background  

Want to create a background that feels like your own outdoor oasis? This article is a great resource for using a photo or video as your background on Zoom. 

Best of all, when you use a photo of your fire pit as your background, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your space! 

Ready to go from a virtual to a real-life fire pit? Take a look at our selection of outdoor fire pits, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our fire pit experts if you have any questions along the way.