Combine Fire & Water in One Feature

A fire feature can add an inviting atmosphere to any outdoor space, and a water feature can inject elegance and energy. When combined in a handsome fire and water feature for your backyard, they offer more than the sum of their parts, elevating any patio, dining or entertaining experience.

The distinct appeal and charm of these pieces are sure to take your outdoor décor to another level. If you’d like to explore what a fire and water bowl can add to your home, read on for more detailed information and ideas.

What to Look for in Fire and Water Features

A typical water feature consists of a round or square bowl enclosure, which contains a gas-fire mechanism similar to a traditional fire pit. The difference is made by the addition of a water pump, directing a flow of water over the scupper into a pool or basin. This fusion of opposites offers a distinctive addition to any space. If you're looking for tips on incorporating a fire and water feature into your landscape, check our design ideas guide.

Often, these fire and water bowls feature an electronic ignition system that can be controlled remotely or integrated into your home automation system for the utmost convenience. With some products, the look can be improved even further with the addition of fire media like lava rock or a reflective fire glass.

Can You Install a Fire and Water Feature Near a Pool?

Yes, but there are certain restrictions you’ll need to keep in mind. According to Article 680 of the National Electric Code (2017 Edition), any units operating off remote electronic ignition within five feet of a swimming pool must be under 12 VAC or under 30 VDC. To achieve this low-voltage design, 120 VAC power can be transformed down to the appropriate voltage away from the pool. In addition, if an outlet is placed between 10 and 20 feet away, it must be GFI protected. Standard, non-GFI outlets can be placed no closer than 20 feet from the inside edge of a pool.

There are a number of fire and water features compliant with these restrictions by design. Typically, these units are identified with an SPC designation, which stands for Swimming Pool Certified.

We Can Help You Find a Fire & Water Feature

Our product experts are available to help you find the best fire pit products for your home. Whether you’re looking for a specific product or just getting some ideas to start your search, our team can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information and see why our service can’t be beaten.