What Makes the Penta Burner Unique?

Quick Summary

The Penta burner is a uniquely designed gas fire pit burner designed to provide the most realistic and fullest flame presence to enhance your outdoor living space. This star shaped burner was created by HPC to offer a new and innovative design that would piggyback off of the success of traditional round burners. The Penta burner has quickly become the most popular shape of any burner ring we sell and comes with plenty of support from our experts and customers alike.

The Highlights

Complete 304 Stainless Steel Construction

These rings are designed for long term durability to withstand the harsh outdoor elements so you can rest assured your Penta burner will stand the test of time. Because this burner is only used outdoors, it's crucial that the construction guards against rusting and the commercial quality stainless steel proves to be the best choice.



Drilled, Not Punched Burner Ports

Premium ports in the burner ring are located in a 3, 9, and 12 o' clock pattern around the burner tube to provide a broad and even looking flame without the untasteful artificial look. Drilled burner ports ensure no debris is left behind in the burner's tubing—debris can cause an undesirable whistling noise, so none of that!



Raised Gas Inlet Hub

A raised inlet hub located at the center of the ring is designed to prevent any water from entering the gas line. This burner is designed to be installed with the burner ports facing up, so the raised gas inlet hub ensures that what little amount of water may accumulate in those holes (very unlikely anyway) it won't travel back into the gas line—which is the only real concern as that water will just evaporate when it's ignited.



Unmatched flame presence

The flame presentation is really the calling card of the Penta burner. The combination of the unique star shape with the varied burner port locations offers an unparalleled flame presence to that is superior to traditional round rings in both height and fullness—which makes it a great choice for log sets and other media.



Penta Burner vs Round Burner

The Conclusion

Above you'll see a side by side comparison between the Penta burner and the Round burner—you'll notice the outer ring of the round burner produces a telling circular pattern that can seem artificial—whereas the Penta burner produces a more full and focused flame. Due to the unique design and structure, the Penta burner has quickly become our favorite gas fire pit burner and we recommend it time and time again to DIYers and professionals alike. With both natural gas and propane options available in match light kits, spark ignition kits, and electronic ignition kits, the Penta burner is a home run for any gas fire pit project.

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