Are Premium Gas Fire Pit Tables Worth the Higher Price Tag?

Gas fire pit tables are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and at different prices. However, with these different prices come notable differences in quality. Given the rising popularity of these fire features, the market is starting to become saturated with inferior products.

At Fire Pits Direct, we only carry the highest quality fire pit tables. Unlike the units sold at big box stores, our fire pit tables are built to the highest standards, and we stand behind all of the products we sell. While it’s easy to say our products are better, we’d rather show you, which is why we put together this article. Keep reading to see for yourself what makes a premium fire table worth the investment.

Better Build Quality

Big Box Store Review: “This product looks so cheap. Everything feels flimsy.”

When it comes to cheap fire tables, you get what you pay for. Manufacturers can offer their products for low costs because the products are built from inferior materials like thinner metals and inferior alloys, or materials that are simply unsuited to withstand the elements outside. Between the rain, snow, or even just everyday use, a gas fire pit table should be built to outlast more than what most big box stores' price tags will offer.

Alternative Option: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Sierra Gas Fire Table

Meanwhile, across many of our brands, our premium gas fire tables feature materials like heavy-duty supercast concrete, aluminum frames, and stainless steel burner components. In the example photo above, the quality of the fire table from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company matches its looks. This table is built to last and even includes a matching burner cover to protect the burner when not in use, and also as a way to serve as a coffee table.

Quality Control

Big Box Store Review: “The holes for bolts on this product don’t line up. None of the panels line up. Didn’t anyone check to see if this would fit together?”

When buying a cheaper fire table, it’s a gamble as to whether the product will work right out of the box. Your product might be okay, or you might spend hours fighting with poorly fitted components only to end up with a finished product that looks like it’ll barely hold together. Keep in mind, we're talking about an appliance that burns gas as its main function, do you really want to risk any accidents with an inferior product?

Alternative Option: The Napoleon Muskoka Wood Grain Gas Fire Table

Unlike here-today-gone-tomorrow brands found in big box stores, a brand like Napoleon is trusted and respected by consumers. Napoleon’s reputation wasn’t earned overnight. They’ve been building quality products for decades, and their attention to detail and high standards make it easy for customers to buy with confidence. Not only is this product superior in quality, but it's backed by both us and Napoleon to make sure that if any parts are missing or damaged, we'll be there to make sure it gets fixed.

More Impressive Features

Big Box Review: “The spark ignition failed after a month. Now I have to light it by hand.”

Many people are happy with a simple fire pit with basic features. After all, most of us just want a fire pit to produce a flame, right? But there, too, demonstrates another reason why cheaper fire tables can be duds. Not only do they feature cheap materials, but the gas burner and ignition systems are also extremely cheap. The flame presence will be weak and uninspiring, while the spark igniter tends to fail after just a short time outdoors.

Alternative Option: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Denali Brew Fire Table

If you want your fire table to be more than just “good enough,” consider a unit like the Denali Brew Fire Table from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company. In addition to premium construction and flame performance, this fire table can be outfitted with a remote control system for greater convenience. Want to go a step further than that? Add the Bluetooth control module to operate your fire pit directly from your smartphone.

Reliability and Longevity

Big Box Review:Was fine for a couple months and then quit working. JUNK.”

Cheap products aren’t built to last. Even if your fire table is great out of the gate, it’s almost inevitable that one day your table will quit working correctly. At that point, you’ll need to waste time tracking down a manufacturer just to find out they don’t support the product anymore (if you can even find someone to contact). At that point, you’ll likely need to replace the entire fire table.

Alternative Option: The Outdoor Plus Salinas Corten Steel Fire Table

Not only is The Outdoor Plus Salinas fire table built to last, but it will actually get more impressive over time. This is due to the architectural steel alloy used to build the fire pit. With its innovative formulation, the outside of the fire pit will age gracefully and patina over time for a one-of-a-kind finish. Combine this with durable internal components, and you have a fire pit designed to last decades rather than a year or two.

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