Fire Tables: Great for Residential and Commercial Applications

We love fire pits. We love them so much they’re in the name of our company. But even we understand a traditional fire pit isn’t perfect for every situation, though, which is where gas fire pit tables come into the picture.

What is a fire table? Exactly what it sounds like—a convenient coffee table or dining table by day and a beautiful fire feature at night. If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional fire pit, here’s why we think you should check out our selection of fire tables.

Why Fire Tables Make Sense for Residential Use

Fire tables are a great way to transform your outdoor entertaining space with very little effort. These products are relatively affordable, easy to install, and even easier to use.

The Price is Right

Although it’s tough to beat a traditional fire pit, not everyone can afford to tackle the project. Running gas lines and hiring contractors can deter many people from adding a fire feature to their space. However, a fire table avoids these potential hang-ups. While you won’t get a large campfire appearance, you’ll still get great ambiance in addition to the multifunctionality a table can provide - all while running off a 20 lb. propane tank like a gas grill. And if you do have a natural gas line, almost all fire tables include a conversion kit.

Easy Installation

Fire tables are easy to install. Usually, these units come pre-assembled and setup is as simple as connecting to a gas line or LP tank. Receive your fire table during the day, and by night, you’ll have it set up and ready to use. No special skills are required. In addition, smaller units are usually light enough to be moved around should the needs of your space change, making them great for those who can’t create a more permanent structure.

Easy to Use

With their clean-burning, low-maintenance design, fire tables are easy to use. Ignition is as simple as opening a valve and lighting a match. In many cases, integrated spark ignition or electronic ignition systems make this process even easier to ensure flames ignite at the push of a button.

Given their dual-purpose design as an outdoor table, fire tables make a great centerpiece for your patio. Guests can easily sit food and drinks on the table surface. Larger dining table units are available, as well.

Why Fire Tables Make Sense for Commercial Use

Fire tables aren’t just a great option for residential properties, however. The wide variety of fire table styles available means these units can also make great additions to businesses or commercial properties.

Create a Focal Point

A beautiful fire table makes a great conversation piece. These fire features are more than functional outdoor appliances—they’re works of art capable of elevating your outdoor space.

Fire tables are perfect for hotels, restaurants, or any other outdoor patio space. The warming glow of a fire taps into innate human instincts for comfort and safety to leave your guests feeling happy and relaxed.

Safety Features

More advanced fire tables are actually designed for use in commercial properties. As a result, these units often feature higher quality burners and additional safety features to ensure durability and safety. For example, automatic gas shutoff in the event flames are extinguished avoids the potential for pooling gas.

Additionally, gas fire tables do not throw sparks the same way a wood fire pit would. This, combined with the fact they burn clean and don’t put off smoke, makes them a much more viable option for commercial installations.

Easy Upgrade

Contractors enjoy fire tables for the fact they offer an excellent way to upgrade a project with very little hassle. For a set price, contractors can add a fire table while avoiding unexpected additional costs. When installed properly, customers also report very high satisfaction levels, which results in better reviews and more word-of-mouth advertising.

Find a Fire Table for Your Project

If you’re looking for a new fire table, we’re here to help you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact us and one of our product specialists can help you find the right fire table for your project. Give us a call or send us an email today!