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Fire Pit Burner Kits

Designed with your fire pit in mind.

With our different selections of fire pit kits, you're bound to find the one that suites your needs. Our gas fire pit experts have put this collection of kits together to offer the most innovative array of fire pit options. From the highest end electronic HWI systems to the standard match-lit kits, we're sure to have what you're looking for.

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Match Lit Kits

Setting the industry standard one patio at a time.

Our most popular burner kits, the match lit kits are easy to assemble and even easier to operate. Choose the shape and size of burner that works best for you, then as part of the kit you’ll receive a flex line, shut off valve, flange & key, and the fittings necessary to assemble the kit – everything you’ll need to connect to an existing gas source.

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Match Lit Burner Kits

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FPK Kits

Simple controls provide a great convenience.

Combining the simplicity and quality of our match lit kits with the convenience of a push button ignitor, the FPK kits are a great alternative for your fire pit project. The battery powered spark ignitor is simply mounted onto your enclosure, and provides an easy & reliable way to ignite your fire pit - every time.

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FPK Push Button Burner Kits

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Outstanding safety, with the same simple controls

Designed with incredible safety and performance in mind, the FPPK gas fire pit burner kits offer incredible flame presence with the technology to keep you safe. Along with a push button ignition, these kits feature a flame sensor that recognizes whether the gas is ignited - if not, it will automatically close the gas valve - solely ensure the highest safety.

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FPPK Push Button Burner Kits

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Electronic Ignition Kits

Raising the bar for patio entertainment.

The best of the best, the award-winning electronic ignition gas fire pit burner kits known as Hot Wire Ignition units are simply unmatched in quality and convenience. Simply connect the assembly box to your gas source and plug it into a grounded electrical outlet, then light up the night with the flick of a switch - or even a remote control.

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HWI Electronic Burner Kits

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