Fire by Design FBD-FRS Round Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit Burner

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Product Overview

Fire by Design FBD-FRS Round Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit Burner provides a premium fire pit component for use in your DIY gas fire pit project. Available in a wide range of sizes, this round burner features heavy-duty stainless steel construction, a 1/2-inch female gas inlet (3/4-inch on high capacity "HC" models), and a seamlessly welded design to offer a quality centerpiece for your fire feature.

This burner can be installed DIY with the help of a professional installer and is available for both propane and natural gas applications. A propane conversion kit, which includes an air mixer, coupler, and nipple, is included with the purchase of a propane kit. The burner should be at least 6" smaller than the inside dimensions of your enclosure and must be installed so the burner ports face upwards.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction - Stainless steel construction protects against rusting and ensures a long-lasting product
  • Standard or High Capacity - Available with 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch inlet
  • Propane or Natural Gas - Propane kits include air mixer; Can be used with natural gas by omitting air mixer
More Information
Manufacturer Fire by Design
Manufacturer Part Number FRS-Config
Made in USA Yes
Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane
Fire By Design Round Fire Rings
Model # BTU Rating Inlet Size Burner Size Recommended Opening Size
FBD-FRS6 60,000 1/2" 6" 12"
FBD-FRS8 75,000* 1/2" 8" 14"
FBD-FRS12 90,000 1/2" 12"
FBD-FRS18 150,000 1/2" 18" 24"
FBD-FRS24 150,000 1/2" 24" 30"
FBD-FRS30HC 300,000 3/4" 30" 36"
FBD-FRS36HC 300,000 3/4" 36" 42"
FBD-FRS48HC 300,000 3/4" 48" 54"
About the Manufacturer

Beginning in 2005, Fire by Design started offering electronic ignition components for outdoor fire features using the same parts found in indoor units with a simple "weatherproof" box and labeled them as 'outdoor use'. Shortly after experiencing issues with the electronic components, founder Bob Roman realized he could develope a better automated outdoor ignition system. What he discovered was a better outdoor unit had to start with a superior "controller". After working with a local engineering firm and rigorous testing, Roman came up with the All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS for short) that provdied a unit that will operate in winds in excess of 55 mph and can even opearate when submerged in water - truly an impressive unit for the harshest of climates.