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Gas Fire Pit Burners

Build your fire pit with a premium gas burner

Penta Burners

Penta burners are star-shaped burners capable of providing tall, natural flames. Available in sizes from 12 inches to 48 inches, these units are great if you're looking for a realistic campfire look. They're also our most popular design!

Crossfire Burners

Heavy-duty brass burners from Warming Trends offer one of the most innovative burner designs on the market. With their unique Crossfire™ design, these units have been manufactured to produce an optimum air to gas mixture, resulting in taller, brighter flames.

Round Burners

Round burners offer a traditional gas burner shape. Like all of our burners, these components are built from durable, long lasting materials—so you can get years of enjoyment out of your fire feature.

Square Burners

Looking for a more unique burner shape? Our square burners provide a less common alternative to either a round or penta burner. These units are available in size 12x12 inches, 18x18 inches and 24x24 inches.

Rectangular Burners

If you're looking to build a rectangular fire pit enclosure, we offer burners to meet your needs. These burners are a smaller alternative to H-shaped or linear burners and are available in size 12x6 inches, 18x9 inches and 24x12 inches.

H-Shaped Burners

For larger rectangular enclosures, an H-burner makes for an excellent choice. With their unique construction, these burners can fill a large fire pit while only using reasonable amounts of gas. These burners are available in five sizes ranging from 18x6 inches to 48x10 inches.

Linear Burners

To fill a long and narrow enclosure, you're going to need a long and narrow burner. Linear burner pans are only 8 inches wide, but burners are available in lengths ranging from 24 to 96 inches to give you plenty of versatility when trying to fill your enclosure space.

Fireplace Burners

As the name implies, fireplace burners are designed to be used with gas fireplaces. These burners are available in sizes ranging from 18x6 inches to 36x6 inches. Please note, these burners are not meant to be used as log lighters.

Custom Burners

Looking to create a one-of-a-kind fire pit enclosure? We can fabricate custom burners to match your needs. Give us a call to discuss possible options for your custom fire pit.

Fireplace Products

Empire Comfort Systems offers premium artificial heating solutions for your home or business. With their popular White Mountain Hearth line of gas log sets, Empire offers some of the most realistic-looking artificial log sets in the fireplace industry.

With humble beginnings in a small sheet metal shop in 1911 In Belleville, Illinois, Empire has since grown to an internationally regarded name while remaining true to their roots—the Belleville shop is still open for business. Empire began manufacturing heating solutions in 1932 and has always prided itself on using American-made products from American suppliers while employing members of their local community.

Product Information

Empire Comfort Systems offers gas fireplaces and gas log sets under the White Mountain Hearth brand. These products feature heavy-duty ceramic fiber construction, hand-painted gas logs, and premium burners with multiple valve options available. Both vented and vent-free options are available to help enhance your home.

Empire Products

Gas Fireplaces

Get a premium gas fireplace for your home and enjoy enhanced warmth and ambiance.

Gas Log Sets

Empire gas log sets are some of the most realistic-looking gas log sets available on the market today.

Fireplace Remotes

Fireplace remote controls are easy to use and make using your fireplace much more convenient.


Empire log sets and burners are available separately to use in custom installations or as replacements.

Service Parts

Keep your fireplace operating as intended with premium service parts from Empire Comfort Systems.


Enhance the look of your fireplace with optional accessories like fire backs, trim kits, mantels, hearths, and lighting kits.