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Fire Pits Direct is your source for any fire pit project! Browse through our selection of ready to drop in burner kits and decide which one is best for your fire pit project. Whether you're looking for natural gas or liquid propane, we have what you're looking for!

What are the different types of burner kits?

Remote Electronic Ignition – This ignition system is fully automated, and capable of being remote controlled. At the push of a button, a small plug inside the pilot assembly glows hot until the pilot is lit. Upon lighting, the pilot heats a thermocouple that senses the heat and transfers a small current of electricity to open the main valve, allowing the pilot to ignite the burner. The pilot assembly is encased with stainless steel- shielding the pilot and other parts from the elements making this ignition system the optimal choice for outdoor fire pits.

Match-Lit (FPS) – Just like the name suggests, Match-Lit kits require a separate flame source to ignite the gas. This is achieved usually by opening the gas valve with a valve key, and inserting a long match near the burner until it ignites the fire.

Manual Spark, Flame Sensing (FPPK) – With the push of a button, the manual spark igniter opens the main gas valve and lights your fire pit- forget about lighting your fire pit with matches! For added safety, this ignition system features a flame sensing system that will automatically close the gas flow when the pilot blows out.

Push Button Ignition (FPK) – Combining the quality of a match-lit kit with a battery powered spark ignitor, the Push Button Ignition kits are great for those who don't want to light their fire pit manually.

CSA Certified Match-Lit (MLFPK) – These match-lit kits are CSA Certified to ensure the highest quality and safety for you patio. These kits come pre-assembled with your specifications.


About Hearth Products Controls:

From gas fire pits to gas fireplaces and more, Hearth Products Controls (HPC) offers everything you need to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. HPC began as a division of The Maddox Company in 1975 as a manufacturer of fireplace safety pilot kits, millivolt gas valves, remote control fire pit kits, and fireplace components. HPC became a separate corporation from TMC in 2001 and began manufacturing gas fire pit rings shortly thereafter in 2003. Since then, HPC has become an industry leader in all things fire and ships hundreds of “made in the U.S.A.” products from their Dayton, Ohio, facility.

Customers buying HPC products enjoy one of the best warranty policies in the hearth and patio industry with up to five years coverage included with a purchase. Returns are simple and straightforward given HPC’s large size and proven track record. Consult a product manual for more specific warranty information.

Product Information:

HPC offers an expanded product range in both the outdoor patio and indoor hearth space. As arguably the biggest name in the fire pit industry, HPC gas burners and gas fire pit kits are some of the most revered on the market. These offerings include the most advanced electronic ignition gas fire pit kit in the industry with Bluetooth connectivity and remote ignition from a smartphone as well as the penta fire pit burner - the new standard for realistic fire pit flame performance.

Outdoor Products:

Fire Pit Kits

HPC gas fire pit kits are available in several shapes, a large range of sizes, and with multiple ignition options. Whether you’re in the market for a simple, traditional gas burner ring or a top-of-the-line electronic ignition penta burner kit, you’ll find what you need here.

Fire and Water Fire Pits

Among the most unique patio products on the market, HPC’s Fire and Water kits combine the best assets of water features and fire pits in a beautifully integrated design. These pieces are sure to be a conversation piece in any backyard.

Fire Glass

HPC fire glass offers a modern alternative to more traditional fire pit media. These reflective glass pieces are a great way to add color to your fire pit and tie your fire feature’s design into the rest of your patio decor.

Lava Rock

For a classic gas fire pit look, there’s no product better than HPC black lava rock. This premium fire media provides an organic fill for your fire feature to create an impressive appearance.

Fire Pit Components

Fire pit burner pans, fire pit enclosures, gas lines, and more. Find all the HPC fire pit components you need to complete your custom DIY fire pit installation.

Fire Pit Timers & Remotes

HPC offers a variety of automatic shutoff timers and safety components. These components are great for commercial installations as well as the residential homeowner who wants a little extra peace of mind.

Patio Torches

HPC patio torches offer an upgrade on the classic torch design. Featuring premium components and a modern aesthetic, these torches will look great on any patio.

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