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Fire Pit Kits: A DIY Way to a Custom Patio Paradis

An outdoor fire pit kit is one of the best ways to customize your outdoor living space. Available in a huge array of sizes, shapes and designs, these gas fire pit kits include all of the inner workings of the unit, allowing you to fit them into a custom-built enclosure. This level of personalization is a huge reason why these DIY fire pit kits are some of our most popular offerings. Here at Firepits Direct, we've done the legwork for you by selecting the top brands in the fire pit burner kit industry. We only sell products from these reliable manufacturers, ensuring you're getting a quality fire pit kit that's designed to last for many years to come. Sure, you could buy a cheap fire ring from a big box store, but when it rusts out after a few summers, you'll be back where you started. Buy a high-quality fire pit kit from us, and you'll never regret it.

Why Buy a Fire Pit Kit

If you've been looking at pre-built fire features and haven't found one that really suits your needs, a fire pit kit DIY build may be right for you. The level of flexibility these components provide is unmatched in the industry. Whether you're a homeowner designing your personal patio paradise or a business owner designing a feature for an outdoor dining area, a propane or natural gas fire pit kit is the way to go for maximum personalization.

While everyone's needs are different, a few of the common factors we've notice in customers who choose a fire pit kit are:

  • Customizability - This is the primary selling point of fire pit kits. You can design the enclosure from the ground up, using whatever materials you like and then buy a gas fire pit kit to suit your design. With the huge array of available kits, the sky's the limit when it comes to making the finished product meet the needs of your space.
  • Durability - Prefabricated fire features are limited in materials and mass by restrictions on shipping weight and similar factors. If you're building a fire pit from scratch, you're able to use heavier, more robust materials such as stone, brick and concrete for the enclosure, making the finished product even more durable than a manufactured fire pit.
  • Technology - Some of the most innovative designs in the outdoor fire industry begin as standalone burner components before being integrated into prefab fire features. One of the criteria we use when selecting the brands we carry at Firepits Direct is the technical quality of their designs, so the fire pit kits we sell are some of the most technologically advanced on the market.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Kit

DIY fire pit kits represent a huge section of our offerings, with options for nearly any size and style of fire pit. While we've already selected the brands and products that represent the cream of the crop, there are still quite a few key factors to consider in your fire pit shopping journey. Our product specialists are happy to offer their expertise via phone, chat or email, but it's best to evaluate these questions while shopping:

  • Fuel Type - The fire pit kits we carry can be powered by either natural gas or propane. The two fuel types will function similarly, but they are not interchangeable, so it's important to know which you're planning to use when buying components. If you're planning to connect the burner to a municipal gas service line, it's most likely natural gas. If you're connecting to either a portable or permanent gas tank, it's going to be liquid propane. In circumstances where there are questions or doubts, we recommend working with a licensed gas plumber to ensure safety.
  • Shape and Size - We carry a large variety of products in a range of sizes and shapes. Whether you're looking for a round, linear or square fire pit kit, you'll find it with Firepits Direct. The burners in our collection run from small one-foot DIY tabletop fire pits up to space-defining 10-foot designs that really draw attention. While bigger is often better, it's important to remember that larger fire features require more fuel, so keep that in mind.
  • Price - Because we've curated a collection of only the best brands in the industry, our offerings tend toward the higher end of the scale, but there are still a number of products in our inventory for lower budgets as well. It can be tempting to splurge on the biggest and best, but our team doesn't work on commission, so we're committed only to helping you find the fire pit kit that meets your needs.
  • Material - The fire pit kits we carry are made only from materials designed to withstand years of outdoor use. Generally, you'll find our products are made from some combination of stainless steel and brass, which both resist corrosion to extend the life of your fire pit. While you can certainly find cheaper fire features on the market, the heavy-duty steel fire pits in our collection are designed to last longer and perform better than those "budget" offerings.
  • Features - The final major factor to keep in mind is the types of features you consider important. Many of the fire pit kits we carry feature technical innovations like electronic ignitions, smartphone control and shut-off timers. These features can increase the price, but they also increase the utility and safety of your finished fire pit, which can be especially important for business installations. It's also vital that you check any local building codes or HOA rules that may restrict the size, placement or design of fire features.

Fire Pit Kit FAQs

  • Do I need to add a burner pan to my fire pit kit? For a natural gas fire pit, it's not necessary, but it can allow easier access to the interior of the pit for maintenance. For propane units, a burner pan is needed because the air mixer they use requires a certain amount of open space to work properly.
  • Can I fuel my fire pit kit with a standard propane tank? Possibly. A 20-pound propane tank can put out about 125,000 BTUs, so if your burner requires that amount or less, you'll be fine. Larger burners can often require as much as 250,000 BTUs, so a standard tank will result in a smaller, weaker flame than desired.
  • Can I build a DIY fire pit under an awning or pergola? It is not recommended to have any kind of material directly above a fire pit. Each kit will come with detailed instructions on how far it needs to be from combustible materials.
  • How much fire glass or lava rock do I need in my DIY fire pit? For fire glass, we recommend roughly 90 pounds per square foot of the enclosure area. For lava rock, we recommend 45 pounds per square foot as the pieces are larger and there will be more empty space in between them.
  • How much heat does a fire pit kit generate? This will depend on your burner size and fuel supply. Generally, 50,000 BTUs is a safe bet for smaller units while a large natural gas fire pit kit can put out as much as 300,000 BTUs provided it receives enough fuel. Consult with a gas plumber to ensure your installation will provide sufficient heat.