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DIY Fire Pit Components: Make Your Dream Fire Feature

Whether you're building a brand new fire pit from the ground up, upgrading an existing fire feature with new technology or repairing your fire pit to get it back up and running, you'll need to find the right fire pit parts to do the job. With the wide variety of fire pit supply manufacturers on the market, it can be challenging to find the components you need to do the job. This is where Firepits Direct comes in. We carry parts for fire pits from almost every manufacturer in our inventory, and our expert product specialists know the right component for nearly every application.

If you're in the market for propane fire pit parts or outdoor gas fireplace parts and accessories, we're here to help. You can shop our selection of fire pit replacement parts right here online to find what you need, and if you're in need of help selecting the right item, our specialists are available via phone, chat or email to point you in the right direction. On top of that, because we only carry the best brands in the business, you can be confident any gas fire pit parts or outdoor fireplace parts you buy from us will be a high quality product that's built to last.

Types of DIY Fire Pit Components

We carry all the parts you'd need to build a fire pit from the ground up. To make your shopping experience easier, we've broken down the main categories of fire pit components to clarify what each item is for and things to keep in mind when browsing our selection.
  • Burners - The centerpiece of a fire feature, the burner is the first component most people think of when putting together a custom fire pit. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to ensure there's something for just about any application.

    Pay attention to material as well. Top quality burners are going to be made from either stainless steel or brass. Brass burners are generally more resistant to corrosion and will last longer, but they are priced to match.
  • Burner Pans - A burner pan provides a foundation for the burner assembly and a platform for lava rock or fire glass to accent the fire pit's look. There's a burner pan design for nearly every shape and size of fire pit, just like burners.
  • Fittings - This category includes the various connections, adapters, elbows and couplers that are needed to connect the burner to your gas supply. Be mindful of the fitting's diameter when shopping. Common sizes are 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". If you're at all unsure about the types of fittings you need, we recommend consulting with a licensed gas plumber.
  • Gas Lines - These flexible hoses are designed to carry fuel from the source to the burner. It's important to buy a gas line designed specifically for the volumes of gas that fire pits use. Smaller lines will be prone to irritating whistling when used in a fire pit.
  • Ignition Kits - Once you've got the fuel where it needs to be, you'll need a method to light it. Ignition can be as simple as dropping a match on the burner, but if you're interested in more convenient options, we carry battery powered button ignitions, electronic control boxes and even ignitions that can be controlled via smartphone.
  • Regulators - If you're planning to power your fire pit with a propane tank, you'll need to use a regulator to ensure safe and steady gas flow. Some regulators are sold on their own, while others will come with a flex hose included.
  • Valves & Keys - Being able to easily and safely control the gas flow to your burner is an important part of fire pit design. Choosing a recessed valve that requires a key to control will provide peace of mind knowing that no one will be turning on the fire pit without your knowledge.
  • Flanges & Extensions - While installing a valve, you may find that the design of your fire pit makes it hard to access. This is where a flange/extension comes into play, creating a channel by which to access the valve through the side of the fire pit.
  • Installation Collars - These items are technically optional, but we recommend them for all fire pits with a burner pan as they are an easy to install way to make sure you can access the interior of your fire pit for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Conversion Kits - Some burners will need to be converted between propane and natural gas for safe operation. Propane is nearly twice as a rich a fuel as natural gas, meaning only about half as much is needed for the same flame size and heat.

What to Consider When Buying DIY Fire Pit Components

With the number of categories and the wide array of items in each category, it's important to come into the shopping process with a plan and a firm idea of what you're looking to accomplish. Our product specialists are happy to offer their expertise, of course, but a bit of research done on your own can save a lot of time and headaches down the line. These are some key factors to consider when buying fire pit parts:
  • Compatibility - The most important factor is making sure any component you buy will work with the others, either in an existing or new fire pit. We do our best to make it clear what the components for sale on our site are intended for, so be sure to read the product pages closely. If there's any doubt, please reach out to our expert team of product specialists for clarification.
  • Features - While components like pipe fittings and valves are unlikely to have "features" per se, it's important to be mindful of what each part is capable of, especially for burners and ignition kits. Pay attention to the BTU rating for the burner and to what types of control options an ignition kit can provide.
  • Price - Building a customized fire feature by selecting your own components is a budget-friendly way of getting more mileage out of your dollar by putting in some work in creating the package. That said, because we only carry the best brands, our component prices will tend toward the higher end of the market. This is another area where having a plan in place ahead of time will work in your favor.