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Fire Pit Media: Customize Your Fire Pit

Once you've purchased a high-quality fire feature, you may want to customize it to better suit your tastes. Whether you bought your fire pit from Firepits Direct or elsewhere, we offer a huge range of decorative enhancements to make it truly special, including fire glass, lava rock, gas log sets, cannonball sets and metal art pieces. No matter your preference, we have something that will take your fire feature from good to great.

Firepits Direct has spent the last decade combing the industry for the best brands and manufacturers of fire pits and fire pit accessories, curating a collection of quality products. Our selection of glass fire pit media and related products is one of the best on the market. The decision of which type of enhancement media you want for your fire feature will depend primarily on your personal tastes and outdoor decor, so to make your shopping process easier, we've collected some helpful info below to act as a guide.

Why Buy Fire Pit Enhancements

If you're building a fire pit from scratch using one of our popular fire pit kits, then you'll need to make a decision about the overall look of the fire feature, including which type of media you'd like to use, like fire pit glass or a decorative log set. On the other hand, many of the prefabricated fire pits and fire tables in our inventory come with media included, but they can be customized to better suit your needs by replacing that media with something of your choice.

While it's perfectly possible to enjoy your fire pit with the included products, many of our customers choose to buy their own fire pit glass rock, lava rock or other enhancement items to make the fire pit their own. In our time selling quality outdoor living products, we've learned that customers generally choose to buy their own fire pit enhancements for the following reasons:
  • Aesthetics - The primary purpose of these enhancements, whether it's glass rocks for fire pits or a ceramic log set, is to customize the look of your fire feature to suit your style. Most of our customers are looking to create a complete outdoor relaxation space, and part of that process is designing the look of each item to craft a cohesive whole. Whether your tastes tend toward the classic or the modern, there's a fire pit media option available for you.
  • Performance - A lesser-known benefit of fire pit media is that it will improve flame performance. As the fuel and flame filter up through the glass fire pit rocks, lava rock or log set, the flow is broken up, providing a higher and more natural-looking fire. The effect is similar to that of placing your thumb over the opening of a garden hose, causing the water to spray farther.
  • Protection - The other upside of using quality media is that it acts as a shield for the burner assembly and ignition components. By keeping debris and moisture away from those critical parts, you can help extend their life and protect your investment.

Types of Fire Pit Enhancements

We carry a broad variety of media options to ensure there's something for any style of fire feature or outdoor design. Whether you're looking for something classic like a gas log set or something more modern like fire glass, Firepits Direct has you covered. Our offerings can be broken down into the following categories:
  • Fire Glass - Probably the most popular media option, fire glass provides a clean, modern look. It also enhances the look of your flame by refracting and reflecting the light it creates. We carry a variety of styles of fire glass, including crushed, reflective, fire glass beads, zircon fire glass and cubic fire glass. Each provides a distinctive look, and there's sure to be an option that suits your preferences.
  • Lava Rock - This is often considered the default option for gas fire features. Lava rock is a porous material designed to provide a neutral canvas for the flame presentation. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, this media option is highly versatile. We also carry a wide selection of synthetic river rock, a smoother option also available in an array of styles for various applications.
  • Log Sets - If you're looking to craft a gas fire feature with a classic look, it's worth considering a decorative log set. These sculpted media accessories allow your fire pit to mimic the look of a natural campfire, and because we've selected only the best brands available we offer log sets that are precision crafted to look as realistic as possible. As an added bonus, most log sets are made from ceramic, which retains heat well and provides even radiant warmth.
  • Cannonballs - A bit more of a distinctive choice, these ceramic spheres are more commonly found in fireplaces, but they work well for fire pits as well. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, it's easy to mix and match to find an arrangement that works for your particular fire feature. They also provide the same added heating bonus as a ceramic log set.
  • Metal Art - If you're looking for a fire media option that's sure to demand attention, our selection of metal fire pit art pieces is a sure bet. Available in an array of designs and styles, there's sure to be something that suits the look of your outdoor haven. These statement-making pieces are a great way to modernize the look of any space.