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Fire Pit Log Sets: Modern Technology with a Traditional Look

If you love the look of classic campfire logs but don't want to deal with the trouble of lighting them and the smoke and mess they create, a gas fire pit log set may be right for you. Offering that traditional look of a log fire with the convenience of a gas fire feature, these outdoor gas fire pit logs provide you with the best of both worlds.

If you're looking to upgrade an existing fire pit or are building a new one, outdoor gas logs might be the way to go, and Firepits Direct offers a wide selection of these popular gas inserts for outdoor fire pits. We have thoroughly combed the industry to select the best brands and models available, so when you shop with us you know you're looking at quality outdoor fire pit logs that are designed to provide enjoyment for many years. We've collected some information and tips here to make your faux fire log shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Why Buy a Fire Pit Log Set

Outdoor gas log sets provide an extraordinary amount of value and flexibility in many different applications, particularly for homeowners who are looking to turn their old wood-burning fire pit into a fresh, easy to use gas fire feature. If you're remodeling your backyard relaxation space and want to upgrade or install a fire feature that combines the traditional with the modern, you should definitely consider outdoor fire logs for the following reasons:
  • Atmosphere - The biggest selling point for fire logs for fire pits is the fact that they mimic the look of a traditional bonfire, separating them from other fire features that use lava rocks or fire glass. Those looking to capture the feel of a summer night by the campfire should definitely take a look at our fire pit gas log collection.
  • Convenience - While the look and feel of a real wood fire is great for a lot of reasons, it does come with some drawbacks. Building and maintaining a fire takes some effort, and they create smoke and ash that can be annoying to deal with. A gas fire log set cuts out all of those headaches and lets you enjoy a fire in seconds, with no smoke or ash to contend with.
  • Versatility - Because the log sets we offer are generally sold on their own, without the burner and other hardware, you have the opportunity to mix and match designs to create an ideal fire feature for your needs. In addition, we carry logs that mimic almost any type of wood log, allowing you to pick one that suits your tastes.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Log Set

The outdoor gas log sets we offer here at Firepits Direct have been vetted for quality by our product experts so you know you're getting a great product. That said, there are still a number of factors we recommend weighing to ensure you're getting the log set that's right for you. Our product specialists are happy to offer their guidance, but you can find the perfect outdoor gas logs all on your own by considering these factors before buying:
  • Burner Design - Our fire pit logs are generally sold without the burner and other fittings, allowing you to mix and match components for your ideal fire feature. Before selecting a log set, it's important to have a burner style and size in mind so you can ensure compatibility.
  • Price - Because Firepits Direct offers only brands with a time tested reputation for quality, our prices do tend toward the higher end of the market. However, this doesn't mean there's not an option that will work for your budget. In fact, fire pit logs can be one of the most affordable ways to install a gas fire feature in your backyard, especially if they're being placed in an existing enclosure.
  • Size - This one may seem self explanatory, but it can be a bit more complex than first impressions would indicate. Many burner designs have recommended limits on fire media size to get the best experience, so be sure to check the owner's manual for your burner to see whether the manufacturer offers any guidance.
  • Style - This is one area where gas fire pit logs really stand out because they're available in an enormous variety of designs. Options for gas log style include which type of wood they're crafted to evoke, how the logs are arranged, whether they include accessories like ember beds and whether the logs themselves are designed to look fresh and new or a bit weathered, with imitation burn marks.
  • Material - Generally, fire logs are made from either ceramic or steel. Ceramic fire logs will usually look more realistic and provide greater heat output by absorbing warmth from the flame and radiating it outward. Steel logs are going to be the more durable and modern looking option for artificial logs for fire pits.

Fire Pit Log Set FAQs

  • Can I burn wood logs in a gas fire pit? No. Burning solid fuel on top of gas burners can lead to ash and other debris getting inside the burner, which will affect performance and potentially cause damage. Wood burns hotter than gas, and the burner is not designed to withstand those temperatures.
  • Can I use a standard propane tank with my gas log set? The short answer is: maybe. It will depend on which burner you choose. A 20 pound propane tank can put out about 125,000 BTUs, so if you choose a burner with a greater output than that, you're not going to get a full sized flame.
  • Are gas fire pits safe? Yes, but they do require careful consideration when installing and using to ensure they remain safe. Manufacturers will recommend having a certain clearance distance between the burner and any combustible materials. So long as you follow these recommendations, you can enjoy your gas fire logs with confidence.