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Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Vented Gas Log Set with Stainless Steel Burner

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Product Overview

Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Vented Gas Log Set with Stainless Steel Burner offers a premium gas log and burner set to help take your outdoor living space to the next level. The Quaking Aspen logs are cast from real logs found in real landscapes, then hand-painted to highlight the most beautiful aspects of this species of wood. This specific log set is formed from trees discovered in the back woods of Northern Arizona. The log's name comes from the appearance of the Aspen tree and its fluttering leaves while blowing in the wind. Grand Canyon's log hunters fell in love with the appearance of the wood, resulting in casting a beautiful, detailed product that will help you and your family create memories of your own for years to come. The Aspen logs will be paired with the outdoor rated Stainless Steel Grand Canyon 2 Burner or 3 Burner system depending on your preference while the 3 different valve options ensure a control option that will suit any type of outdoor fireplace installation. Each of the 7 different size options contain their own unique cast logs and provide a stunning visual for your new outdoor oasis. Bring new life to your home with help from Grand Canyon.

Additional electronic ignition valves are available for select gas log set kits. Call for more information.


  • Heavy Duty Construction - Refractory cement gas logs are reinforced with steel fiber for unmatched durability and longevity
  • Burner Compatibility - See configurables below
  • Hand Painted - Hand-finished with care to ensure the most realistic logs the industry has to offer
  • Vented Unit - Designed for vented fireplace enclosures only, and must be used with a damper clamp
  • Outdoor Rated - Kit with stainless steel burner is intended for outdoor use
  • Includes - Gas log set and burner system with lava rock, fittings, a flex line and damper clamp

Configurable Options

  • Log Size - 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 and 60-inch options
  • Fuel Type - Choose from Propane or Natural Gas depending on your needs
  • Burner - Two burner options: Stainless Steel 2 Burner or 3 Burner
  • Safety Pilot Kit - No safety pilot, manual pilot, or electronic spark to pilot
More Information
ManufacturerGrand Canyon
Manufacturer Part NumberQA-OUTDOOR-KIT-Config
Made in USAYes

Vented vs. Vent-Free

Vent type refers to how the fuel emissions are managed, your selection should be based on they type of firebox in your home and ensuring it meets your local codes.


  • Most popular option for gas logs
  • Gas logs must be used in a firebox with a working chimney flue
  • Can be less efficient as a heat source because of the open chimney


  • Can be used in any approved firebox - with or without a flue
  • Very efficient energy source as no heat is lost through the chimney
  • Requires an oxygen depletion sensor to safely monitor gas emissions
  • Some states do not allow vent-free units - check your local codes

Gas Supply

For gas log sets, burners will be supplied from the same gas that supplies the rest of your home.

Natural Gas

  • Most common gas type for gas logs
  • Almost all homes in urban/suburban developments will have access to natural gas
  • Natural gas does not sink, which helps avoid the build-up of gas on the fireplace floor


  • More common for rural homes
  • Often runs off of a large stand alone propane tank
  • Propane is heavier than air and will settle on the fireplace floor - a reason why most manufacturers require the use of a safety pilot kit to help burn excess gas before it settles

Choosing Gas Log Size

Know your fireplace dimensions - Measure front width, back width, the depth and the height of your firebox.

Before You Begin:

  • Take clearances into account to avoid any overheating of combustibles
  • Be sure to leave room on the sides for a valve/remote system if using them
  • Gas log sets can range anywhere from 12 to 96 inches, but most common sizes range from 18 to 30 inches

Looking For a Custom Size?

  • Many brands offer the ability to create custom logs/burners to fit any firebox
  • Usually standard sized log sets will fit nearly any firebox but some fireboxes are unique

Ignition and Controls

Ignition/controls refer to how the gas log set is started.

Match Light

  • Most basic and inexpensive ignition method
  • Manually open your gas valve and light the burner with a lighter or match
  • Flame height can be easily adjusted
  • Very reliable - all mechanical parts (nothing should ever break)

Manual Safety Pilot

  • A pilot system allows convenient ignition by having an open flame source that ignites the main burner when the gas valve is opened
  • Features a standing pilot (the pilot light will stay lit at all times)
  • Often times can be paired with a remote, wall switch, or thermostat

Electronic Ignition

  • Similar to a manual safety pilot but allows the pilot to be lit automatically
  • The pilot can be standing or intermittent (shut-off between uses)
  • More energy efficient by shutting off the pilot in between uses
  • Can be paired with a remote control, wall switch, or thermostat

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Because of their ceramic construction, many log sets can be used indoors or outdoors - with the proper considerations.

Indoor Log Sets

  • Can use black steel or stainless steel burners with confidence
  • All safety pilot options are able to be used

Outdoor Log Sets

  • Be sure to use a stainless steel burner to withstand the elements
  • Safety pilot kits may not be an option if you can't protect them from weather
  • Match light is the most reliable option

Log Set Profiles

There are two types of log styles - one-sided and two-sided

One Sided Gas Log Sets

  • For installation in a traditional fireplace with only one viewing angle
  • Most common log set option - the logs are designed with this profile in mind

Two Sided Gas Log Sets

  • Also referred to as "see through", "dual face", or even "peninsula" style log sets
  • These logs are designed to have multiple viewing angles - either two sided or three sided in some cases
  • Very contemporary option to join two rooms together with one fire feature
Stainless Steel Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Gas Log Kit
Model #Set SizeNumber of PiecesBurner CompatibilityBurner BTUMin. Fireplace Dimensions
ASPEN18LOGS18-Inch52 BurnerNG-52K / LP-49KFront W: 30", Rear W: 18", D: 12", H: 14"
3 BurnerNG-46K / LP-41K
ASPEN24LOGS24-Inch72 BurnerNG-64K / LP-64KFront W: 36", Rear W: 24", D: 12", H: 14"
3 BurnerNG-74K / LP-64K
ASPEN30LOGS30-Inch82 BurnerNG-76K / LP-79KFront W: 42", Rear W: 30", D: 14", H: 14"
3 BurnerNG-102K / LP-91K
ASPEN36LOGS36-Inch92 BurnerNG-81K / LP-83KFront W: 48", Rear W: 36", D: 14", H: 14"
3 BurnerNG-111K / LP-106K
About the Manufacturer

If you're in the market for some of the most realistic gas logs the industry has to offer, look no further than Grand Canyon Gas Logs. This hardworking, adventure loving team dedicates their work to finding the most unique wood nature has to offer and turning it into decorative accessories that are sure to bring life to your perfect living space. From gas logs, embers and beads to vented and vent-free indoor and outdoor burners and control options, Grand Canyon provides a wide array of products that will fit virtually any indoor or outdoor fire feature project. Give yourself the living space you deserve with help from Grand Canyon Gas Logs.

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