Rasmussen FX Flaming Ember XTRA Stainless Steel Burner and Grate Kit

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Product Overview

Rasmussen FX Flaming Ember XTRA Stainless Steel Burner and Grate Kit provides a premium stainless steel gas burner kit, for use with an fireplace gas log set. Rasmussen's heavy duty construction and design ensures a durable component that is sure to deliver a realistic flame. The "FX" burner is an L-shaped pan that sits on your firebox floor underneath a grate while the single pipe burner and ember boosters provide an increased depth of the ember bed. The kit comes natural gas or propane ready depending on your fireplace requirements, sand (natural gas) or volcanic ash (propane) pan filler, ember magic, flexible stainless steel non-whistling connector kit, a damper clamp and instructions. With 10 different sizes available, this Hearth kit gives you a handful of options you can use to fill your fireplace enclosure with an ultra-realistic flame.

All Rasmussen vented pan burners are constructed from heavy duty 16-gauge steel and feature welded seams for maximum performance. The included pan filler completely covers the burner tubes while the gas pressurizes under the filler before breaking through to create a dancing, smoky wood-like flame.


  • Heavy Duty Construction - High quality 16-gauge stainless steel construction for a superior fireplace option that will withstand the rigors of frequent use
  • Vented Unit - Designed for vented fireplace enclosures only, and must be used with a damper clamp
  • Includes - Burner/grate, pan filler, ember magic, flexible stainless steel non-whistling connector kit, a damper clamp and instructions
  • Specifications - See chart below

Configurable Options

  • Log Size - Choose from (10) sizes: 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60-inches
More Information
Manufacturer Rasmussen
Manufacturer Part Number BFX-SS-Config
Burner Part Number BFX-SS
Made in USA Yes
Rasmussen Stainless Steel Flaming XTRA Ember Burner/Grate Kit
Model # Log Set Size Actual Burner Size Min. Footprint Dimensions to Center Assembly in Firebox Weight Certification BTU/hr (NG / LP) Fireplace Type
B15FXH-SS 12", 15" 9.375" 21" front / 15" rear / 16" depth 25 lbs Z21.84 32k / 27k Single Faced
B18FXH-SS 18" 12.375" 24" front / 18" rear / 16" depth 31 lbs Z21.84 43k / 27k Single Faced
B20FXH-SS 20", 21" 14.375" 26" front / 20" rear / 16" depth 33 lbs Z21.84 51k / 35k Single Faced
B24FXH-SS 24" 18.375" 30" front / 24" rear / 16" depth 43 lbs Z21.84 72k / 37k Single Faced
B30FXH-SS 27", 30" 24.375" 36" front / 30 rear / 16" depth 55 lbs Z21.84 75k / 50k Single Faced
FX36-HFG-SS 36" 30.375" 42" front / 36" rear / 18" depth 71 lbs RIW 120k / 83k Single Faced
FX42-HFG-SS 42" 36.375" 48" front / 42" rear / 18" depth 78 lbs RIW 165k / 108k Single Faced
FX48-HFG48-SS 48" 42.375" 54" front / 48" rear / 18" depth 98 lbs RIW 175k / 116k Single Faced
FX48-HFG54-SS 54" 42.375" 60" front / 54" rear / 18" depth 102 lbs RIW 175k / 116k Single Faced
FX48-HFG60-SS 60", 66" 42.375" 66" front / 60" rear / 18" depth 106 lbs RIW 175k / 116k Single Faced
About the Manufacturer

Because of the efforts of the Rasmussen family over four generations, the Rasmussen name is widely known for their innovative and elegant indoor and outdoor heating options. With gas log and media sets that combine with ultra high quality refractory ceramic construction, hand painted detail and USA roots, it is hard to find anyone in the industry who perfects decorative heating more than Rasmussen.