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Spotix Fire Pit Burner Pans, Flat Square

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Product Overview

Spotix Fire Pit Burner Pans, Flat Square provides a necessary component for gas fire pits. These heavy duty flat pans are made from heavy duty stainless steel at a local machine shop in Solon, Iowa. Durably built, these burner pans feature weep holes to help with drainage to reduce risk of burner or system damage. This pan features a 1-1/16" center hole to accommodate your gas source.

Gas fire pit pans are a crucial component to maintain the safety and quality of your fire pit. Burner pans help support your burner ring, separate the air mixer from fire media (for LP applications), and save money by reducing the amount of fire media you would otherwise need to complete your fire pit. Pans also help to minimize fuel settling below the pan, and help your fire pit drain properly, failure to do so may result in personal injury or explosion.

**Custom sizes available**
If your fire pit opening doesn't quite fit our standard sizes, be sure to ask about our custom cut pans. We have the ability to cut our standard size pans down in size for no extra charge - if you have a unique custom size or shape, our sales staff can get an estimate to you quickly.


  • Weep Holes - Pre-cut holes help pan drainage, helping to increase the longevity of your burner and burner pan
  • Stainless Steel - Durable, yet economic, these stainless steel pans are an excellent choice for your fire pit
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberFP-SS-SQUARE-Config
Pan TypeFlat
Made in USANo
Square Flat Pans
Model #PanRequired Media
DiameterGauge ThicknessMaterialCenter HoleLava Rock*Fire Glass*
FP-SS-12X12SQUARE12x12"16 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"10 lbs20 lbs
FP-SS-18X18SQUARE18x18"16 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"20 lbs40 lbs
FP-SS-24X24SQUARE24x24"16 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"40 lbs80 lbs
FP-SS-30X30SQUARE30x30"16 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"60 lbs120 lbs
FP-SS-36X36SQUARE36x36"14 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"85 lbs170 lbs
FP-SS-42X42SQUARE42x42"14 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"115 lbs230 lbs
FP-SS-48X48SQUARE48x48"14 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"150 lbs300 lbs
FP-SS-54X54SQUARE54x54"14 GaugeStainless Steel1-1/16"190 lbs380 lbs
*Minimum Recommended (2.5" Depth)
About the Manufacturer

As part of our effort to offer the best products at the best prices, Spotix works with local production facilities in the Iowa City area to design and manufacture high quality products. In doing so, we are able to control the process to ensure long lasting durability while being certain that our products will help complete your project.