Warming Trends UPK-Config Universal Paver Kit

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Warming Trends UPK-Config Universal Paver Kit offers one of the most unique and innovative gas fire pit burner systems available. The heavy duty brass construction ensures an exceptionally high quality product that's designed for long lasting use outdoors, while the unique Crossfire™ burner system features an innovative design that combines a specific air to gas mixture ratio to produce a taller, brighter flame. Intended for use with either propane or natural gas, these burners use close to half the fuel of conventional gas burners because of the unique regulation system. Available in a range of sizes and BTU ratings, the Crossfire™ burner offers a corrosion resistant product backed by a full lifetime warranty. This match light style burner kit includes everything you need to install the system in a paver block enclosure.

This universal paver kit provides a complete backyard fire pit kit system. This universal paver kit can be purchased in a variety of burner sizes to accommodate your needs. In addition, paver kits are available for both round and square enclosures to offer you greater flexibility when choosing your fire pit system. Each kit includes a Warming Trends Crossfire™ burner, circle or square aluminum plate, FLKV12 flex line kit, 3-inch key, 12-inch key, key valve extension tube, and four adjustable installation collars.


  • Brass Burner Construction - Heavy duty brass burner construction ensures a corrosion resistant product
  • Crossfire™ Burner Design - Innovative burner design with fuel regulation creates a brighter, taller flame presence
  • Match Light Kit - Includes flex line, 1/4-turn ball valve, decorative flange & key, and optional rectangle pan
  • Round Tree-Style Linear Burner Shape - Unique round shape designed for round fire pits
  • Fuel Efficiency - Unique design creates a fuel efficient burner that consumes half the fuel of conventional burners
  • Full Lifetime Warranty - Superior quality brass is backed by Warming Trends' Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Burner system can be specified to accommodate natural gas or propane applications
More Information
Manufacturer Warming Trends
Manufacturer Part Number UPK-Config
Shape Round
Material Brass
Made in USA Yes

What to Consider When Building a Gas Fire Pit:

  • Gas Supply - Before you begin designing your fire pit, first determine your gas supply
    • Both Natural Gas and Propane may be used - Supply Pressure and BTU ratings need to be regulated for both
    • For Natural Gas: Supply Pressure should be set between 3.5" - 7" Water Column
    • For Propane*: Supply Pressure should be set between 8" - 11" Water Column
    • *If using a 20 lb. propane tank, consider the maximum BTU output of a tank that size ranges from about 90,000 - 125,000 BTU† and a regulator must be used
    • †The BTU rating of the 20 pound tank limits your burner options to sizes that are rated for 125,000 or fewer BTU
  • Fire Pit Burner - The shape and size of your fire pit burner can be choosed after determining your gas supply
    • Choose a burner that's at least 6" smaller than the inside dimension of your enclosure - that's 3" between the edge of the burner and the inside edge of the pit
  • Fire Pit Pan - Recommended for use with all fire pit burners, but required for use in propane applications
    • A pan can be flat or "bowl" style in order to accommodate your construction - it should be installed at least 3-4" below the top surface of your enclosure
    • The burner pan separates the air mixer from the burner in propane applications, but in all constructions it helps with water drainage and ventillation
  • Flange Extension - In many cases, the shut-off valve will be located inside the fire pit - if your enclosure walls are thicker than 3" it may be necessary to use a flange extension and a longer key
  • Ventilation - For all fire pit burners, adequate ventilation is required
    • The recommended amount of ventilation is 36in² - or (2) 18in² vents on two opposing sides to create proper airflow
  • Installation Collars - Are designed to simplify the installation of a fire pit pan
    • Our flexible installation collars can bend for round enclosures, and can be anchored in with concrete screws
  • Fire Media - Is the final step to finishing a gas fire pit
    • Both lava rock and fire glass may be used to complete your fire pit, the choice between the two is purely aesthetic
Warming Trends Crossfire™ Universal Paver Kits
Model # Burner Size BTU Rating Opening Size Pan Shape Pan Size*
UPK120C2325 13" x 13" 120,000 23" to 25" Circle 23"
UPK120S2325 13" x 13" 120,000 23" to 25" Square 23" x 23"
UPK120C2628 13" x 13" 120,000 26" to 28" Circle 26"
UPK120S2628 13" x 13" 120,000 26" to 28" Square 26" x 26"
UPK180C2931 17" x 15" 180,000 29" to 31" Circle 29"
UPK180S2931 17" x 15" 180,000 29" to 31" Square 29" x 29"
UPK240C3941 19.5" x 21.5" 240,000 39" to 41" Circle 39"
UPK240S3941 19.5" x 21.5" 240,000 39" to 41" Square 39" x 39"
*Pan can be cut down to smaller size upon request.
About the Manufacturer

A family owned and operated business, Warming Trends specializes in manufacturing their innovative Crossfire™ Brass Burner Systems. Their state-of-the-art burner has reimagined the capabilities of backyard gas fire features by using a specific air-to-gas mixture that produces a taller, brighter flame - all while using half the fuel of conventional gas burners. All of their work is done in Colorado to ensure the highest standards using only the best quality materials so you can rest assured they stand behind their products - complete with a full lifetime warranty.