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Fire Pit Kits - Firegear

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Fire Pits Direct is your source for any fire pit project! Browse through our selection of ready to drop in burner kits and decide which one is best for your fire pit project. Whether you're looking for natural gas or liquid propane, we have what you're looking for!

What are the different types of burner kits?

Remote Electronic Ignition – This ignition system is fully automated, and capable of being remote controlled. At the push of a button, a small plug inside the pilot assembly glows hot until the pilot is lit. Upon lighting, the pilot heats a thermocouple that senses the heat and transfers a small current of electricity to open the main valve, allowing the pilot to ignite the burner. The pilot assembly is encased with stainless steel- shielding the pilot and other parts from the elements making this ignition system the optimal choice for outdoor fire pits.

Match-Lit (FPS) – Just like the name suggests, Match-Lit kits require a separate flame source to ignite the gas. This is achieved usually by opening the gas valve with a valve key, and inserting a long match near the burner until it ignites the fire.

Manual Spark, Flame Sensing (FPPK) – With the push of a button, the manual spark igniter opens the main gas valve and lights your fire pit- forget about lighting your fire pit with matches! For added safety, this ignition system features a flame sensing system that will automatically close the gas flow when the pilot blows out.

Push Button Ignition (FPK) – Combining the quality of a match-lit kit with a battery powered spark ignitor, the Push Button Ignition kits are great for those who don't want to light their fire pit manually.

CSA Certified Match-Lit (MLFPK) – These match-lit kits are CSA Certified to ensure the highest quality and safety for you patio. These kits come pre-assembled with your specifications.


About Firegear:

Firegear, a subsidiary of Skytech Products Group, has been creating premium gas fire pits, gas fireplaces, and related products for more than two decades. The Firegear team maintains a commitment to customer service, making them a leader in the industry. Since Skytech purchased Firegear in 2013, Firegear’s innovative products and Skytech’s proven history have resulted in an impressive product offering backed by equally impressive customer service.

Firegear offers product warranties ranging from one to five years depending on the product and components. Given Skytech’s--and as a result, Firegear’s--commitment to customer service, warranty claims are simple to initiate, allowing customers to purchase with confidence. For more warranty information, see a Firegear product manual detailing specific warranty conditions.

Product Information:

Skytech electronics accompany Firegear’s electronically operated gas fire pit and fireplace systems, resulting in a high-end product with time-tested performance. In many cases, the devices powering Firegear fire pits are the very similar to the devices powering many other popular indoor fireplaces across the industry. This is for good reason--Skytech remote controls are easy to install, easy to use, and reliable for many years.

One of the most unique products offered by Firegear is their “burning spur” design. This spoked fire pit burner offers a great option for both round and square gas fire pits. The full, natural appearance provided by the burner arms creates a pleasing appearance for any gas fire pit while avoiding the “birthday candle” effect often associated with gas fire pit rings with concentric ring patterns.

Firegear features gas fire pit products at a variety of price points, offering selections to fit almost any budget. From the modest match throw (MT) gas fire pit systems all the way up to the thermocouple flame sense (TFS) electronic systems, Firegear systems offer a reliable gas fire pit system for your do-it-yourself fire pit project.

Firegear Products

Fire Glass

Give your fire pit or fireplace a modern appearance with contemporary Firegear fire media. This fire glass is available in a wide variety of styles.

Fireplace Accessories

Find a premium cover for your fireplace and protect your investment from rain, snow, and other inclement weather.

Fireplace Components

Enhance the look of your fireplace with premium fireplace media sets. These additions give your fireplace a unique look.

Fireplace Parts

Ensure your fireplace stays operating efficiently with manufacturer specific replacement parts.

Gas Fire Pit Components

From vent kits to lava rock, find all the parts and pieces you need to finish your custom fire pit project. You’ll also find burner covers and wind guards to improve your fire pit experience.

Gas Fire Pit Kits

Get everything you need from burner to ball valve with a Firegear gas fire pit kit. This kit includes a gas burner and gas fire pit fittings.

Gas Fire Tables

A Firegear gas fire table offers a perfect balance between form and function--it's a beautiful coffee table by day and a gas fire pit at night!

Gas Fireplaces

Take the look of gas fireplace outdoors with a Firegear gas fireplace. These units make an excellent addition to any outdoor entertaining space.

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