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Fire Pit Accessories: Get the Most from Your Fire Feature

Once you've bought a high-quality fire pit from Firepits Direct, you might want to check out our collection of the best accessories for fire pits on the market to take it to the next level. For many reasons, Firepits Direct is where to buy fire pit accessories, as we offer items from the top brands on the market, curated by our team of product experts. Our inventory of outdoor fire pit accessories represents the cream of the crop.

Whether you're looking to protect your investment with a fire pit cover or burner cover or elevate the look of your fire feature with a gas log set, we've got what you're looking for. To make your shopping experience easier, we've outlined the details about our collection of functional and fun fire pit accessories here.

Types of Fire Pit Accessory

Shopping for wood or gas fire pit accessories can be a bit daunting because of the huge variety of products on the market. To simplify things, Firepits Direct offers a clearly categorized collection to lay out what's available in the market of accessories for outdoor fire pits. Our inventory of the best fire pit accessories fits into the following groups:
  • Fire Pit Covers - These waterproof fabric covers are our most popular type of backyard fire pit accessories. They help protect your fire feature from rain, snow and debris when it's not in use, extending the life of your fire pit and protecting your investment for years to come. We carry both covers designed for specific fire pit models as well as general use covers designed to fit a range of designs.
  • Propane Tank Covers - One of our best-selling propane fire pit accessories, these enclosures provide an attractive solution for storing and concealing a 20-pound tank for your propane fire pit. Available from many top manufacturers in a huge range of styles and designs, you can surely find a propane tank cover to match the design of your fire pit or your outdoor decor scheme.
  • Burner Covers - Similar to a fire pit cover, these burner covers are designed to protect your fire feature from the rigors of the outdoors. Generally made of either metal, glass or glass fiber reinforced concrete, these covers specifically protect the burner assembly and ignition components, the most vital part of the overall fire pit. Many of the fire pit brands we carry design purpose-built covers that can be added as an accessory either at the time of purchase or later on.
  • Timers & Remotes - These smart accessories offer convenient control and safety options for your gas fire pit, adding flexibility, convenience and peace of mind. They can be broken down into a few sub-types:
    • Fire Pit Remotes - These convenient remotes offer a smart control option for fire pits with an electronic ignition. By placing the function in the palm of your hand, they make it incredibly easy to get the most out of your fire pit. Compatibility between remote and ignition can be complex, so be sure to refer to your fire pit's owner's manual before purchasing.
    • Bluetooth Control Kits - Taking the convenience of a remote to the next level, these kits are available for some models of fire pit to allow you to control them from your smartphone. As above, compatibility is dependent on your specific brand and model of fire feature.
    • Timers/Wall Controls - Popular among our commercial customers, these units limit the amount of time that a gas fire pit can operate, preventing the possibility that the fire pit is left on and unattended for too long, protecting both the fire pit itself as well as the area around it, such as your home or business.
    • Emergency Stop Buttons - Sometimes integrated into a timer or wall control and sometimes sold on their own, these buttons are an important part of commercial fire pit installations and may be required by some local codes. They provide a safe solution for shutting off the fire pit in the event of an accident or parts failure.
  • Access Doors & Vent Covers - If you're building a custom fire pit, it's important to provide a method for accessing the interior of the enclosure for cleaning and maintenance with an access door. If you're planning to store your propane tank inside the pit, then an access door also provides a space for that.

    Ventilation is also a key consideration for customized fire features, as it prevents gas from pooling within the enclosure in the event of a leak. This is especially important for propane fire pits and may be required by local building codes in your area.
  • Enhancements - These decorative fire pit attachments are an excellent way to customize the look of your fire feature to suit your tastes. Whether you'd like to go for a classic look with a ceramic log set or a more modern, artistic design like cannonballs or metal art pieces, our manufacturing partners provide an extensive range of customization options.
  • Glass Wind Guards - These clear glass protectors are designed to sit on the fire pit surface around the burner area, protecting the flames from wind gusts that could cause flickering or even extinguish the flame altogether. Adding a glass wind guard is a key consideration in windy areas, allowing you to fully enjoy your fire pit even on breezy evenings.