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Fire & Water: The Best of Both Worlds

Designing the perfect patio paradise involves making a lot of choices. Do you want a fire pit? Do you want a decorative water fountain? Fortunately, at least on this front, you don't have to choose because you can go with a fire pit with a water feature from Firepits Direct. These fire and water fountains are a popular item for those looking to customize an area around a pool in particular, but fire pit fountains can work in any number of configurations.

If you're in the market for a water-in-fire feature and want to ensure you get a quality unit that can last for years, then Firepits Direct is the place to be. We have curated the best brands on the market for a shopping experience that saves you from doing the legwork to identify which waterfall fire pit is worth the money and which will wear out quickly or not work properly to begin with. Water fountain/fire pit combos are complex mechanisms, so buying a well-built one is key to getting the most out of it.

Why Buy a Fire & Water Bowl

If you're crafting a backyard relaxation spot that includes a pool or you just want the beauty of a water feature that includes the inviting appeal of fire, then a water/fire pit is just the ticket. Fire and water features make a particularly excellent addition to a poolside entertainment space, both for homes and businesses. Adding a fire pit/water feature combo is a great way to take outdoor decor to another level.

Customers who choose a fire pit water fountain from Firepits Direct tell us they love them for these main reasons:
  • Atmosphere - While all fire features will enhance the space they are added to, a fire and water fountain kit is a step above your standard fire pit. The combination of flame and water creates a truly distinctive experience that does the job of both a fire pit and fountain in one attractive package. These features make for a truly memorable look.
  • Technology - Many of the brands we choose to carry are innovators in the fire feature industry. The technology needed to combine fire and water in an outdoor environment and keep it working well year after year is an excellent example. Some even feature a burner that's designed to work while completely submerged, allowing the flame to dance directly on the water's surface.
  • Versatility - Because they combine the two elements, outdoor water and fire fountains are essentially a two-in-one product. If you're hoping to add a water feature and a fire pit to your home, then it's tough to beat the waterfall/fire pit combination units available from Firepits Direct.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire & Water Bowl

Fire and water features offer a great deal of flexibility, with numerous options and configurations to ensure there's something for almost any use case. This also means you'll have to make some decisions about what type of backyard fire pit water feature will work best for you. In our years of selling these fire/water features, we've noted that customers have to keep the following factors in mind:
  • Fuel Type - The fire and water features we carry are available in either propane or natural gas configurations. Natural gas is generally supplied by a municipal or local energy company service, while propane is available in either portable or large, permanent tanks. If you're at all unsure about fuel type, we recommend working with a licensed gas plumber to ensure a safe installation.
  • Size and Shape - These fire/water features are available in a huge variety of sizes, from simple fire bowl water features to fully-featured standalone fountains with integrated flame effects. Be sure to take into account installation space, local building codes and HOA regulations when selecting your feature.
  • Price - Because we've curated a collection of only the best brands here at Firepits Direct, the pricing on our offerings tends toward the higher end of the market, but with the wide variety of options, we do offer fire pit fountains at price points that suit almost any budget.

    It's also important to remember that you are getting your money's worth when you shop with us. A cheap fire pit that wears out after a couple of summers will cost you more in the long run than a quality feature designed to last for many years.
  • Material and Finish- When choosing elements for your patio paradise, you'll want to ensure a cohesive look of course. Fortunately, we carry fire and water bowls in a variety of materials, finishes, colors and designs to ensure there's something to match almost any taste. One of the most popular materials in use today is durable GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), which provides lasting appeal.
  • Features - Whether you're looking for a bowl with a single-stream waterfall design or a 360-degree flow, there's a water/fire feature for you. Another consideration is the ignition style. Some fire pits feature innovative electronic ignitions that can be controlled from a central switch or even via smartphone, allowing you to ignite all your fire and water feature at once.
  • Fire & Water Bowl FAQs

    • Are fire and water bowls with electronic ignitions safe? Yes. All fire/water features that we sell are subject to rigorous safety testing and are designed so the water and electronic components are entirely sequestered from each other, preventing any chance of electric shock.
    • Can I use lava rock or fire glass in my fire and water feature? Yes. The large majority of the fire/water bowls we sell are designed to be used with some kind of fire media. Check product listings for complete details.
    • Can I install a fire and water feature near a hot tub or pool? Yes, with some caveats. Some areas have restrictions on the type and proximity of electrical devices near pools.

      Article 680 of the National Electric Code requires that fire features with an electronic ignition placed within five feet of a swimming pool must be under 12 VAC or 30 VDC. Be sure to check local codes and HOA regulations before purchasing.
    • What are the best fire and water feature brands? We carry a wide array of top-notch brands here at Firepits Direct. Some of the most popular brands of fire and water bowls are Grand Effects, TOP Fires, Hearth Products Controls and Fire by Design.