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Burner Pans: A Key Component in Your Fire Pit

While it may not seem obvious, buying a high-quality burner fire pan for your fire pit can be a key factor in getting the most out of your investment. These outdoor fire pit pans and burner plates provide smart utility and convenience in the construction and maintenance of your outdoor fire feature. Whether you're upgrading or repairing an existing fire pit or building a brand new one, a quality replacement fire pit bowl is a smart step on the path to enjoying outdoor flame.

Here at Firepits Direct, we can offer our industry expertise in selecting and purchasing the fire pit pan replacement or upgrade that best suits your needs. To make your shopping experience easier, we've compiled some details and notes about our inventory of fire pit replacement pans below.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Burner Pan

To ensure you choose the correct fire pit pan insert, whether you're looking for a prefabricated design or a custom fire pit pan for an out-of-the-ordinary fire pit style, you'll need to keep a certain set of factors in mind. Searching through the wide array of options on the market can present some challenges. This is why Firepits Direct is happy to step in and offer a clean and easy shopping experience and expert advice, both online and directly from our team of product specialists.

We've collected relevant info here that offers a great jumping-off point for shopping our collection of fire pit trays and burner pans. We've highlighted the major factors that should be taken into account while shopping. In the years we've been selling quality fire pits and fire pit components, we've heard from our customers that these are the key things to keep in mind while shopping for a fire pit burner pan:
  • Shape - The shape of your burner pan will of course be determined by the design of your fire pit. If you're replacing an existing pan, then you'll be constrained by the opening in the fire pit itself. On the other hand, if you're designing a new fire pit from scratch, you're free to choose any configuration that suits your needs. Common shapes include linear, rectangular, round and square drop-in fire pit pans.
  • Style - There are two main types of fire pit pan: flat and drop-in. A flat pan is a sheet of metal cut to a specific size with additional cutouts for the gas connection to reach the burner and for any needed electronics. A flat pan will require a lip to sit on, which can be achieved with either a flexible installation collar or a custom hardware solution.

    Drop-in pans feature an integrated lip that is designed to sit on the interior edge of the fire pit enclosure. This design makes assembly quicker and easier and makes it easier to remove the pan for maintenance as needed.
  • Size - Size will also be dependent on your fire pit design. If you're replacing an existing burner pan or installing a new burner pan in an existing fire pit, you'll need to match the size of the current setup. When building a new fire feature, you can design it as large as your space and budget will allow with a large burner pan to match. It's important to note that larger fire pits will require more fuel to function correctly. If you're not able to find a burner pan the right size for your design, we are able to provide custom sizing options by phone.
  • Price - Firepits Direct carries only the best brands in the outdoor fire market, which means our prices do tend toward the higher end. However, there are still a range of options to suit most budgets. Keep in mind that when you buy a quality product like those that we offer, it will last longer than a supposedly cheaper option that will need to be replaced after a few years. This will save you money in the long run.
  • Material - Nearly every fire pit burner pan in our inventory is made from high quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This durable metal is designed specifically for outdoor use to keep the pan from rusting too quickly.
  • Features - Some burner pans in our inventory have additional features to elevate their utility. These include things like pre-cut holes for electronic ignition components, stabilizing legs and weep holes to drain away rainwater. We even carry some pans that come equipped with the burner in place to simplify installation and save money in your fire pit budget. Note that pans with an included burner will need to be purchased for the correct fuel type, either natural gas or liquid propane.

Fire Pit Burner Pan FAQs

  • Do I need a cover for my fire pit? Covers aren't strictly necessary, but we do recommend them. While the products we sell are built from durable, all-weather materials like stainless steel to reduce the effects of corrosion, rain and debris can still wear down the components over time. Using either a fabric fire pit cover or glass or metal burner cover will protect your investment and keep it in top shape for longer.
  • Do I need to use a burner pan for my fire pit? Sometimes. A burner pan will provide a number of benefits that we consider important, such as making maintenance easier and reducing the amount of fire media needed for your fire pit. If you're planning to fuel your fire pit with propane, a burner is necessary. Liquid propane requires an air mixer to function properly, and the pan provides the needed open space around the air mixer for it to do its job.
  • Is it safe to burn wood in a gas fire pit? No. Wood fires tend to be much hotter than gas fires, and the burners are not designed for use at such high temperatures, which can mean damage to the unit. Also, ash can clog the burner orifices, presenting both the risk of damage to the burner and also a safety hazard.
  • Is lava rock or fire glass necessary for my gas fire pit? We do recommend using either lava rock or fire glass. They serve as a decorative embellishment but also provide protection for your burner and help distribute the flame, making it fuller and more natural.