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Patio Accessories

Enhance your patio with a full selection of patio accessories


Protect your investment from harsh outdoor conditions. These covers durable and long lasting to keep your fire feature looking as good as new.

Pergola Accessories

Upgrade your pergola and give it a custom appearance to match your outdoor décor. Whether you're looking to upgrade your unit's roof, walls or something else, we have you covered.

Glass Wind Guards

Keep your flame looking great—even on a blustery day! These wind guards ensure you have a strong flame no matter how windy the weather gets.

Ice Bowls & Lazy Susans

Make your patio furniture even more useful. These ice bowls and lazy susans improve the functionality of your favorite piece of outdoor furniture.

Gel Fuel

Do you have a small tabletop fire feature on your patio? Your unit may operate on gel fuel. These units are simple to use, and refills are as easy as replacing the can of fuel.