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Glass Wind Guards

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    Firegear GWSR Round Tempered Glass Wind Guard
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  2. Firegear GWSL Linear Tempered Glass Wind Guard
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Glass Wind Guards: The Perfect Companion for Your Fire Pit

Gas fire pit wind guards are an excellent way to get more value out of your fire pit or fire table. On breezy nights, when the wind can cause a gas flame to sputter or go out completely, a high quality glass wind guard for fire tables or fire pits can protect your fire and keep it burning bright all night long. They offer the added benefit of providing a smart barrier around the flame to prevent anything from accidentally falling in or for children or pets from getting too close.

With the clear value provided by fire pit glass wind guards, there are a large number of them on the market as companies try to capitalize on their popularity. This can make shopping for a quality product difficult. Fortunately, Firepits Direct is here to help. We've combed through the industry to find products only from reputable manufacturers who use durable materials to ensure lasting utility from your fire pit glass guard.

Why Buy a Glass Wind Guard for Your Fire Pit

When you've invested in a quality gas fire feature, it's natural to want to get the most possible value out of it. This can make it frustrating when weather conditions prevent you from enjoying a relaxing night by the fire, such as crosswinds interfering with the flame. This is where a fire pit or fire table wind guard can be helpful. While they can't save your fire from gale force storms, they are reliable at mitigating the effects of everything from a breeze to a moderate wind. Customers who buy a fire pit wind screen from Firepits Direct generally do so for some or all of these reasons:
  • Safety - By adding a physical barrier around the burner you can reduce the risk of things accidentally being dropped into the flame and keep curious children or animals from getting too close. This can be an especially important consideration for business applications and rental locations.
  • Performance - Reducing the impact of even small breezes on your fire feature will go a long way toward improving the overall flame presentation. Even the highest quality burners are subject to the disturbances brought on by wind blowing across the surface, and by protecting your fire feature from this, you can significantly increase both the height and heat output of the fire.
  • Aesthetics - This aspect is less often considered, but some customers simply prefer the clean look that a glass wind guard can add. They can provide a polished, professional looking installation that will improve the overall appeal of any fire feature.

What to Consider when Buying a Glass Wind Guard for Your Fire Pit

Shopping for a glass wind guard for your fire pit or fire table is relatively simple, but there are still some factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure you find the ideal product for your needs. To make your shopping experience easier, we've broken down a few key details here to keep in mind:
  • Size - The size of your wind guard will obviously be dependent on the size of the opening in your gas fire pit. We recommend having the guard be at least two inches away from the burning area on all sides, so in total it should be four inches larger in all dimensions. For example, if your fire pit has a 24 inch square burning area, you should purchase a 28 inch square wind guard or larger.

    Height is also a factor to keep in mind. Generally, wind guards are between six and ten inches tall. Determining which you should buy is mostly a matter of preference, though it's possible that some local building codes will require a certain height, so be sure to check those before buying.
  • Shape - The shape of your wind guard should match that of your fire pit. We carry fire guards for round, square, rectangular and linear fire pits. If your fire pit has a non-standard opening, it may be necessary to order a custom wind guard. Please reach out to our team via phone to discuss details.
  • Features - While the majority of wind guards in our inventory are essentially the same apart from their size and shape, we do carry a handful of folding wind guards. These are especially helpful for when you plan to only use the guard in the case of noticeable wind. When not in use, they fold up either for easy storage or for use as a burner cover.
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