Hearth Products Controls Penta Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

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Product Overview

Hearth Products Controls Penta Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners provides a high quality fire pit component necessary to complete your gas fire pit project. The unique Penta shaped burner is constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel; each Penta burner features staggered burner ports, a 3/4 Inch female gas inlet, and is neatly machine welded to produce a seamless and durable product. The burner can be chosen in a standard configuration or with the innovative Torpedo nozzles, which create a taller, more robust flame more akin to a natural wood fire.

This burner can be installed DIY with the help of a professional installer and is intended to be used with propane applications; a propane conversion kit, which includes an air mixer, coupler & nipple, is included. The burner should be at least 6" smaller than the inside dimensions of your enclosure and must be installed so the burner ports face upwards.


  • Stainless Steel Construction - Heavy duty 304 stainless steel guards against rusting and ensures a long lasting product
  • Staggered Burner Ports - Drilled, not punched, burner ports are staggered on the tube for a broader, more complete flame
  • Standard & High Capacity - Burner rings are available in both standard 1/2" and high 3/4" capacity
  • Raised Central Hub - Gas inlet is raised above the concentric rings to prevent water from entering the valve or gas line
  • Includes - Penta burner and propane conversion kit (if propane option is selected); be sure to check out our fire pit kits to find this burner included with the necessary components for use

Configurable Options

  • Torpedo Burner - The Torpedo burner uses specialized nozzles to create a taller flame.
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Burner kit is natural gas ready, with a propane conversion kit available
More Information
Manufacturer Hearth Products Controls
Manufacturer Part Number PENTA-Config
Burner Material #304 Stainless Steel
Raised Center Hub Yes
Burner Hole Pattern 3, 9, and 12 o'clock
Burner Holes Drilled Yes
Shape Round
Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Part Number PENTA-Config
Made in USA No
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37 Reviews

October 21
Was delivered on time and great quality. Very happy with it.

July 12
I replaced an existing 30" round fire pit burner ring with this Penta Fire Pit. The Penta style provide a much more realistic natural fire flame pattern. So, if you want the more realistic natural flame experience, buy the Penta. I selected the Penta based on the recommendation from the product manager at the manufacturer.

May 23
Your Customer Service dept recommended this shape - and we were delighted they did. It far exceeds the 'usual' round or linear shape. Beautiful flame pattern1

April 23
Great support and service

February 08
Everything work just great Tom was very helpful. We really enjoy the fire pit.

January 22
Exactly what I needed, fit to my current fire pit without any adjustments needed

Jacque L Allen
November 02
Extremely Satisfied with the purchase of the 24” Penta Fire Pit Burner Ring. I could not be happier with the finished product.

October 14
love the star

August 23
This review is for the customer service and technical department. They were expedient connecting me to the experts. The experts were very patient with me and helped me decide what the right product was for my fire pit. If you're a do it yourself kind of person, this is the place. Ask a lot of questions. I kept my questions to a minimum and I'm missing a critical component. The sales rep saved me money by recommending a product that met my needs; I was going to over spend for a burner that is used in water or near water applications. He explained the difference and recommended their best seller. This type of policy I'm sure, gains many satisfied customers. Any neighbors asking about where to get their parts, I'm recommending these people. Additionally, I shopped many sites and their products are outrageously priced. Not here. Still assembling it... Thanks everyone for your help!

August 14
Heavy grade stainless steel & well made. Great price!!!!!

August 13
Love the way our fire pit turned out. We are very pleased with the penta's natural looking flames. The quality seems good. We are hoping it holds up to the elements.

July 23
Good distribution of flame.

July 10
Great buy works better than the original round burner.

July 08
fit great, works great

Alan Kyger
June 21
I replaced an existing smaller burner on my firepit. This was purely an upgrade. I wanted a larger and more realistic flame. And I got it with the Penta-burner. Everyone loves it. I do get a slight hiss/whistle when it is operating on high. But I never operate it on high. I don’t need to. All is good. I’m very pleased.

June 06
It is still in the bag since I haven/t gotten a plumber on laying the gas line

Matthew Leonard
May 17
Love it, works well. Will not work with low pressure 11" vacuum regulator (propane).

Mary Anne
April 23
We converted an all inclusive kit designed for propane to natural gas. This ring is solid and it’s nice to finally get something that’s built to last.

April 06
I am very pleased with the quality of this product. Thanks!

Dan Zatyko
October 16
This was a GREAT choice for us. I replaced a traditional three ring circular 36" burner with the Penta shape and wow... what a difference. The flame is big and looks natural. Definitely worth the little extra for the Penta shape burner.

What to Consider When Building a Gas Fire Pit:

  • Gas Supply - Before you begin designing your fire pit, first determine your gas supply
    • Both Natural Gas and Propane may be used - Supply Pressure and BTU ratings need to be regulated for both
    • For Natural Gas: Supply Pressure should be set between 3.5" - 7" Water Column
    • For Propane*: Supply Pressure should be set between 8" - 11" Water Column
      • *Do not use a burner rated for greater than 125,000 BTU with a 20-pound propane tank.
  • Fire Pit Burner - The shape and size of your fire pit burner can be choosed after determining your gas supply
    • Choose a burner kit based off of the inside dimension of your enclosure - the fire pit pan will be 6" larger than the burner to provide at least 3" between the edge of the burner and the inside edge of the pit
  • Fire Pit Pan - Included with all of HPC's preassembled fire pit kits
    • A pan can be flat or "bowl" style in order to accommodate your construction - it should be installed at least 3-4" below the top surface of your enclosure
    • The burner pan separates the air mixer from the burner in propane applications, but in all constructions it helps with water drainage and ventillation
  • Flange Extension - In many cases, the shut-off valve will be located inside the fire pit - if your enclosure walls are thicker than 3" it may be necessary to use a flange extension and a longer key
    • An external shut off valve is not required with this kit, but may be an option for added safety
  • Ventilation - For all fire pit burners, adequate ventilation is required
    • The recommended amount of ventilation is 36in² - or (2) 18in² vents on two opposing sides to create proper airflow
  • Installation Collars - Are designed to simplify the installation of a fire pit pan
    • Our flexible installation collars can bend for round enclosures and can be anchored in with concrete screws

      How Many Installation Collars Do I Need?

      Round Pan Size (Diameter)*

      Number of Collars


      2 Units


      3 Units


      4 Units


      5 Units


      6 Units


      7 Units


      8 Units


      9 Units

      *NOTE: For square or rectangular enclosures, use enclosure length and width measurements

  • Fire Media - Is the final step to finishing a gas fire pit
    • Both lava rock and fire glass may be used to complete your fire pit, the choice between the two is purely aesthetic
HPC Penta SS Burners
Model # Burner Pan Media
Burner Size BTU (max) Hub Size Center Flame Pan OD* Center Hole* Lava Rock* Fire Glass*
PENTA12 12" 65k 1/2" 25" 18" 1-1/8" 1 Cu Ft 40 lbs
PENTA18 18" 125k 1/2" 26" 24" 1-1/8" 1 Cu Ft 70 lbs
PENTA24 24" 200k 1/2" 30" 30" 1-1/8" 2 Cu Ft 110 lbs
PENTA30 30" 250k 3/4" 30" 36" 1-3/8" 2 Cu Ft 160 lbs
PENTA36 36" 300k 3/4" 20" 42" 1-3/8" 2 Cu Ft 220 lbs
PENTA48 48" 300k 3/4" 14" 54" 1-3/8" 2 Cu Ft 360 lbs
*Minimum Recommended
About the Manufacturer

HPC is on the cutting edge of outdoor gas fire pit technology and offers a wide variety of burners to fit the need of any construction or do-it-yourself project. All HPC fire pit rings have staggered burner ports for a more natural-looking flame pattern and presence. Both stainless steel and cold rolled steel burners are available, and both feature ports that are drilled, not punched, for optimal quality; the burner hub is raised above the concentric rings to reduce the risk of water in the valve or gas line.