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Rasmussen MFB-18-1 Massive Smooth FireBalls for 18-Inch Linear Burner, 6-Inch Diameter

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Product Overview

Rasmussen MFB-18-1 Massive Smooth FireBalls for 18-Inch Linear Burner, 6-Inch Diameter provide a decorative heating alternative for your ideal fire feature. The contemporary, elegant fireballs feature high quality refractory ceramic construction to withstand high heat and ensure longevity while offering 8 different color options. The Massive FireBalls are made for use with Rasmussen's 18-inch burner and can be part of your single or double-sided fireplace. The media spacing allows for a full fire look with flames that travel through and around the set. The transparent, non-uniform ceramic stain finish is hand-painted, environmentally friendly and ages beautifully without degrading in the fire. Add even more elegance to your home heating element with help from Rasmussen.


  • High Quality Construction - Heavy duty refractory ceramic material
  • Durable Ceramic Stain Coloration - Transparent, non-uniform color that absorbs into the FireBalls and will not burn off
  • Fireplace Style - Can be used with single-sided or see-thru fireplaces
  • Flame Allowance - Sufficient space in between FireBalls allows for great flame coverage
  • Set Size - 18-Inches
  • Pieces - 8 pc. count
  • Weight - 50 LB
  • For use with - Rasmussen CS18 Burner
  • Color Options - Choose from 8 different colors

Configurable Options

  • Color - Choose between (8) colors: Natural, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, White, Brown, Adobe Red
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberMFB-18-1
Weight50 lbs
Made in USAYes
Rasmussen Massive Smooth FireBalls
Model #Set SizeNo. PiecesWeightUse with Burner
MFB-16-116"8 (5")30 lbsCS16
MFB-18-118"8 (6")50 lbsCS18
MFB-21-121"11 (5")41 lbsCS22
MFB-24-124"11 (6")68 lbsCS24
MFB-27-127"11 (7")105 lbsCS27W / CS30W
MFB-27-227"8 (8")116 lbsCS27W
MFB-27-327"26 (5")105 lbsCS27W
MFB-30-130"14 (6")93 lbsCS30
MFB-30-230"32 (5")62 lbsCS30
MFB-30-330"32 (5")115 lbsCS30W
MFB-30-430"11 (7")105 lbsCS30W
MFB-36-136"14 (7")125 lbsCS33W / CS36
MFB-36-236"11 (8")175 lbsCS33W / CS36
MFB-36-336"38 (5")135 lbsCS36
MFB-42-142"17 (7")155 lbsCS42
MFB-42-242"14 (8")225 lbsCS42
MFB-42-342"44 (5")160 lbsCS42
MFB-48-148"20 (7")180 lbsCS48
MFB-48-248"17 (8")275 lbsCS48
MFB-48-348"50 (5")180 lbsCS48
MFB-54-154"23 (7")210 lbsCS54
MFB-54-254"62 (5")230 lbsCS54
MFB-60-160"26 (7")240 lbsCS60
MFB-60-260"20 (8")325 lbsCS60
MFB-60-360"68 (5")260 lbsCS60
About the Manufacturer

Because of the efforts of the Rasmussen family over four generations, the Rasmussen name is widely known for their innovative and elegant indoor and outdoor heating options. With gas log and media sets that combine with ultra high quality refractory ceramic construction, hand painted detail and USA roots, it is hard to find anyone in the industry who perfects decorative heating more than Rasmussen.