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Spotix Rectangle HPC Match Lit Fire Pit H-Burner Kits

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Product Overview

Spotix Rectangle HPC Match Lit Fire Pit H-Burner Kits provides high quality fire pit components necessary to complete your gas fire pit project. The H shaped burner is manufactured by HPC and constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel; each H burner features staggered burner ports, a 1/2" female gas inlet, and is neatly machine welded to produce a seamless and durable product.

This burner can be installed DIY or by a professional installer and can be used for either Natural Gas or Propane applications; for LP applications a propane conversion kit, which includes an air mixer, coupler & nipple, will be necessary. The burner should be at least 6" smaller than the inside dimensions of your enclosure and must be installed so the burner ports face upwards. The kit components include a stainless steel gas flex line, quarter-turn ball valve, decorative flange & key, and stainless steel fittings; the fully assembled kit will complete the burner assembly from the burner to the shut off valve.


  • Stainless Steel Construction - Heavy duty 304 stainless steel guards against rusting and ensures a long-lasting product
  • Staggered Burner Ports - Drilled, not punched, burner ports are staggered on the tube for a broader, more complete flame
  • Standard Capacity - Burner rings are available in both standard 1/2" capacity
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Burner kit is NG ready, with LP conversion kit available; gas inlet is raised to prevent water entering gas line
  • Burner Pan - Stainless steel burner pan helps complete the installation of your fire pit kit
  • Includes - H burner, stainless steel gas flex line, fittings, ball valve, and decorative flange with 3" key
    • What more do you need? Depending on your project you might need installation collars, a flange extension, a longer key, a regulator, vents, and fire media - check them out in the "Accessories" tab below
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberFPS-HBSB-KIT-Config
Burner Hole PatternInward
Material#304 Stainless Steel
IgnitionMatch Light
Burner Pan TypeFlat
Made in USANo
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3 Reviews

June 05
If you pay for the propane conversion you should get the natural gas parts as described. No documentation with the shipment

May 08
Perfect product

June 08
So far I am very satisfied

What to Consider When Building a Gas Fire Pit:

  • Gas Supply - Before you begin designing your fire pit, first determine your gas supply
    • Both Natural Gas and Propane may be used - Supply Pressure and BTU ratings need to be regulated for both
    • For Natural Gas: Supply Pressure should be set between 3.5" - 7" Water Column
    • For Propane*: Supply Pressure should be set between 8" - 11" Water Column
      • *Do not use a burner rated for greater than 125,000 BTU with a 20-pound propane tank.
  • Fire Pit Burner - The shape and size of your fire pit burner can be choosed after determining your gas supply
    • Choose a burner kit based off of the inside dimension of your enclosure - the fire pit pan will be 6" larger than the burner to provide at least 3" between the edge of the burner and the inside edge of the pit
  • Fire Pit Pan - Included with all of HPC's preassembled fire pit kits
    • A pan can be flat or "bowl" style in order to accommodate your construction - it should be installed at least 3-4" below the top surface of your enclosure
    • The burner pan separates the air mixer from the burner in propane applications, but in all constructions it helps with water drainage and ventillation
  • Flange Extension - In many cases, the shut-off valve will be located inside the fire pit - if your enclosure walls are thicker than 3" it may be necessary to use a flange extension and a longer key
    • An external shut off valve is not required with this kit, but may be an option for added safety
  • Ventilation - For all fire pit burners, adequate ventilation is required
    • The recommended amount of ventilation is 36in² - or (2) 18in² vents on two opposing sides to create proper airflow
  • Installation Collars - Are designed to simplify the installation of a fire pit pan
    • Our flexible installation collars can bend for round enclosures and can be anchored in with concrete screws

      How Many Installation Collars Do I Need?

      Round Pan Size (Diameter)*

      Number of Collars


      2 Units


      3 Units


      4 Units


      5 Units


      6 Units


      7 Units


      8 Units


      9 Units

      *NOTE: For square or rectangular enclosures, use enclosure length and width measurements

  • Fire Media - Is the final step to finishing a gas fire pit
    • Both lava rock and fire glass may be used to complete your fire pit, the choice between the two is purely aesthetic
HPC Rectangle SS H-Burner Kits
Model #BurnerPanMedia
Burner SizeBTU (max)Hub SizeFlex Line LengthCenter FlamePan OD*Center Hole*Lava Rock*Fire Glass*
FPS-HBSB18KIT18x6"60k1/2"18"10"24x12"1-1/8"1 Cu Ft40 lbs
FPS-HBSB24KIT24x6"90k1/2"24"10"30x12"1-1/8"1 Cu Ft60 lbs
FPS-HBSB30KIT30x8"90k1/2"30"10"36x14"1-1/8"1 Cu Ft80 lbs
FPS-HBSB36KIT36x8"150k1/2"30"10"42x14"1-1/8"1 Cu Ft90 lbs
FPS-HBSB48KIT48x10"150k1/2"30"10"54x16"1-1/8"1 Cu Ft130 lbs
FPS-HBSB60KIT60x10"250k1/2"30"10"66x16"1-1/8"2 Cu Ft140 lbs
FPS-HBSB72KIT72x10"300k1/2"30"10"78x16"1-1/8"2 Cu Ft160 lbs
FPS-HBSB84KIT84x10"300k1/2"30"10"90x16"1-1/8"3 Cu Ft190 lbs
*Minimum Recommended

Spotix is an online leader in hearth, patio, and barbecue products, offering pre-packaged kits and knowledgeable customer service agents to ensure satisfaction. They operate six online stores and a showroom in North Liberty, Iowa, and are a fast-growing company in the Eastern Iowa Corridor.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD AND LEAD COMPOUNDS, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/.
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