An Overview of HPC Electronic (EI) Gas Fire Pit Inserts

Fire at the Touch of a Button

Electronic ignition systems present a premium upgrade option for all gas fire pit projects, from the DIY backyard gas fire pit to commercial restaurant and hotel projects. Instead of dealing with matches or lighters, you control the flames with the flick of a switch or the push of a button. If you’re looking for simplicity and quality, electronic ignition fire pit systems offer the best option for your project.

Electronic Ignition Design

How Does It Work?

All electronic ignition fire pits operate the same way on a basic level; using either 24VAC or 120VAC, electricity flows to a hot surface igniter causing it to heat up and ignite a pilot light. After the pilot is lit, it heats a thermocouple that transfers the heat into a small electrical signal back to the main gas valve causing it to open and release gas to the burner, which then ignites via the pilot. All of this happens within about 10-20 seconds.

What’s more, the thermocouple used in these systems offers added safety by monitoring the presence of heat. This means that in the event the flames are extinguished by an errant wind gust, the thermocouple detects that and sends a signal to the main valve, shutting it and preventing gas from pooling in your fire pit. 

Build Quality

Electronic fire pit systems are built with durability in mind. In addition to the rigors of regular use, these fire pit systems need to be able withstand everything from extreme cold to heat and consistent water exposure and dampness. When it comes to electronic components being used outdoors, it’s extremely important to follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer to ensure years of fire pit fun. 

Is an Electronic Ignition System Right for You?


The most obvious advantage of an electronic fire pit ignition system is convenience. Electronic fire pits can easily be controlled by either a wall switch, remote control or a phone app. Many customers even connect their fire pit to an existing home or pool automation system to make their outdoor space even more user friendly.

Enhanced Safety

In addition to the safety provided by the thermocouple flame sensor, electronic ignitions systems can also be built to include shutoff timers or emergency stop switches. These components can be wired directly into the electrical system feeding the fire pit and are a great option for both commercial applications and the safety-conscious homeowner. Various switch types are available, so be sure to check out all the options available for your project.

Flame Control

Though most of our electronic fire pit kits feature on/off control only, some of our fire pit systems feature high/low flame settings to give you greater control over your fire pit. Whether you want a roaring fire to gather around on a chilly night or a calm, ambient flame to accent your outdoor space, these systems offer a distinct user experience in a variety of shapes and sizes.

System Installation and Maintenance

Although an electronic ignition system can be the ideal complement to your backyard fire pit kit, there are drawbacks to keep in mind. The obvious detail you will need to consider is how to supply your fire pit with electricity to operate the unit. Though a standard outdoor outlet is all the system requires, you will need to run additional electrical wire if you do not already have a source already available.

Additionally, electronic ignition fire pits may require more ongoing maintenance than a match light fire pit kit. These fire pit systems are built to be used frequently in an outdoor setting. It’s recommended that you operate your EI system at least once a month (even in winter) to ensure any built-up moisture evaporates and does not harm the components.

Top Electronic Ignition Options

HPC EI Systems

HPC is an industry leader in fire pits, and their electronic ignition systems are arguably some of the best available on the market. These systems utilize hot surface ignition for on/off or high/low flame control and feature flame sense. These units make use of stainless steel control boxes to ensure weather resistance and can be operated on 24V or 120V power. 

HPC electronic ignition units are also among the only units on the market to utilize smartphone control. The exclusive HPC Fire app can be downloaded for Android or iOS to control high/low units wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Interested in an Electronic Ignition Kit?

If you’re considering adding the convenience of an electric ignition fire pit to your outdoor space, we’re here to help. Visit our Contact Us page to speak with a member of our team today.