The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pit

A great new product from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Cove Fire Pits are some of the best-selling fire pits sold by Spotix – and for good reason! Reliable performance, simple design, and easy setup combine to create a great fire feature for any home. Think you'd like to join the ranks of happy Cove owners? Learn more about this fantastic fire feature here in our helpful guide.

Overall Build Quality

Cove Fire Pit

Design and Construction

With its supercast concrete finish, the Cove Fire Pit offers a simple design capable of integrating into nearly any outdoor space. At the same time, clean lines and a neutral color allow these units to stand on their own aesthetically. The included clear glass fire gems offer a contemporary design but many of our customers choose to purchase lava rock to create a more natural design and sharper contrast with the concrete. While both media options provide a beautiful finished appearance – consider adding a glass wind guard to your Cove in order to enhance the flame performance.

The unique supercast concrete construction of the Cove fire pit offers natural durability for long lasting use and performance. No matter your weather conditions, these fire pits can stand up to the test. The included stainless steel Crystal Fire pan burners are also built to the highest standard–and are UL Listed–to ensure premium quality. 


The Cove Fire Pit Bowls are available in 19–, 30–, and 42–inch diameters to easily incorporate into spaces both large and small. The 19–inch model features a 12–inch pan burner rated for 20,000 BTU, the 30–inch model features a 20–inch pan burner rated for 60,000 BTU, and the 42–inch model features a 30–inch burner rated for 108,000 BTU to ensure adequate flame presentation at each size.

Cove fire pits are also available in square and rectangle designs to offer additional options to choose from. The square fire pit measures 37.25 inches across with a 24–inch square pan burner rated for 90,000 BTU, while the rectangle Cove fire pit measures 60 inches by 30 inches with a 12–inch by 42–inch pan burner rated for 88,000 BTU.

How it Compares to a DIY Fire Pit


While no gas fire pit can put off as much energy as a traditional wood campfire, the Cove fire pit still manages to offer cozy heating for chilly nights. Most customers find these units offer ample heat to adequately accommodate their outdoor entertaining space.

As previously mentioned, Outdoor GreatRoom Cove fire pits feature integrated Crystal Fire burners for excellent flame presentation. The secret to the Crystal Fire burner's design is the use of unique hole spacing within the burner itself. This gives the resulting flame a random, authentic appearance when compared to traditional round gas burners. The integrated electronic piezo ignition adds a touch of luxury with fire at your fingertips and offers simple, reliable lighting at the push of a button. 

Installation and Setup

One of the biggest benefits of the Cove fire pit is its easy installation. The simple installation process will have even the least technically proficient customer enjoying their fire pit in just a short amount of time. No complicated instructions. No fabrication. No contractor necessary.

The Cove fire pit can also be installed on combustible decking if desired. Most fire pits need to be installed a greater distance away from the home for fire safety purposes, which leaves installation on a deck out of the question. With the Cove, you can give your deck a beautiful fire feature closer to your residence. Combine this with the Cove's easy operation and most customers find they use this fire pit even more often than they expected.

The Cove in Action

Check out this burn video to see the Cove Fire Pit in action.


If you're looking to add a gas fire pit to your home but are intimidated by the thought of hiring contractors and running gas lines, the Cove Fire Pit collection would be an excellent choice for your home. With their easy setup and even easier operation, these units are among The Outdoor GreatRoom Company's best offerings.

Still have questions? Give our sales team a call at 888-977-6849 to have your questions about the Cove—or any other fire feature—answered by a product expert. We're available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.